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Georgia's pipeline – Armenia's energy security blanket

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, August 25
Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Regnum agency, Vigen Akopyan thinks that speculation about the possible sale of the gas pipeline through Georgia that connects Armenia with Russia, as well as the possible creation of a Georgian-Azeri confederation are elements of regional political games. Commenting about the issues of transport and communications, Akopyan mentioned that Azeri-Georgia-Turkey transport communications projects, construction of Karsi-Akhalkalaki railways and energy communications are not in the interests of Yerevan or Moscow. As for the Armenia-Russia connecting pipeline, it is well known that Georgia has withdrawn its intention to sell the pipeline. Meanwhile, Akopyan claims, Gazprom's daughter company Armrosgasprom has been considering the possibility of purchasing some shares in Tbilgaz, currently owned by Kazmunaigaz and this possibility has not yet been ruled out. “The pipeline, coming from Russia to Armenia is the energy security element of the latter, therefore all the processes connected with this issue should be at the centre of the Armenians administration’s attention,” said Akopyan.