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Compiled by Mzia Kupunia
Wednesday, August 25
Who will join Nino Burjanadze’s national meeting?

By the end of September part of the opposition and some NGOs are planning to arrange a national representative council date and agenda, newspaper Rezonansi writes. On September 29 at an organisational meeting the parties will decide what specific steps the national meeting will take – whether the main demand will be snap Presidential or Parliamentary elections. Meanwhile consultations continue with the opposition political parties on joining the meeting planned by Nino Burjanadze.

The idea is not supported by the Labourist Party, the New Rights Party or the Republican Party. The Free Democrats and the National Forum have not yet made up their minds. Neither has former Prime Minister, Zurab Noghaideli announced his decision. Meanwhile it has been confirmed that the Conservative Party, Defend Georgia Movement, the Movement Solidarity for Political Prisoners and the NGO Law for People will attend the national meeting.

“Some political parties state that they will support the idea only after seeing some of the activities being planned by the organisers. Many parties are awaiting the results of the September 29 meeting, however I will refrain from naming them, as there is a threat of pressure from the government,” Vakhtang Kolbaia of Burjanadze’s Democratic Movement-United Georgia said, adding, “The aim of this meeting is to inform the population about the current reality in the country so that afterwards the people can decide what they want.”

“It is easy to talk about arranging a national meeting however it is quite unclear how to ensure representation of the people. Generally the function of representation belongs to parliament, there have been no other structures providing this in history,” Davit Zurabishvili from the Republican Party said. “If they are thinking about creating something like an alternative to Parliament, it is completely unacceptable for us. This kind of gathering cannot be legitimate and will not be able to gather nationwide support,” he noted.

Minister allegedly lies to residents of Satskhene village

The residents of the village of Satskhene, Kvareli region have accused the government of giving them false promises, Sakartvelos Respublika reports. According to the village residents, in May, just before the local elections, the Environment Minister, Goga Khachidze visited them. They said he promised that bank-protection works on Shorakhevi River would be carried out. Satskhene residents said Khachidze promised to provide protection for 350 metres of the river bank and to clean the river bed. “The Minister said on May 7 that the works would start in a week and take about a month and a half,” the Satskhene dwellers claimed. “However, more than three months have passed since then and the works have not even started,” they told journalists.