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Do you think the de facto Abkhazian administration will be able to avoid adopting a document proposed by Moscow on restoring property rights of Russian citizens in Abkhazia?

Wednesday, August 25
I think Moscow has done everything it can to spread its influence in Abkhazia so that the Abkhazian de facto administration is kind of obliged to Russia…and definitely won’t be able to avoid any plan suggested by the Kremlin.
Ia, Teacher, 44

Well actually I am too far from the political confrontations due to my age but still I have heard about this issue from TV. The only thing I can say is that by legalising some rights on property of Russian citizens in Abkhazia, the de facto administration of the Georgian occupied territories will come into Russian ownership, which is so alarming. I wish this issue could have been considered and avoided by the international community.
Erekle, Pensioner, 87

Well, first of all it is a sign that there is misunderstanding between Russians and Abkhazians. The so called leadership of South Ossetia does not make decisions like the Abkhaz officials do. It also means that Abkhazians' and South Ossetians intentions' differ from each other, I think. As for the question itself, I do not suppose – the Russians will do there as they wish.
Giorgi, Sociologist, 32

Abkhazians will very soon regret their connection with Russia, as the Russians are only interested in their territories, while the locals are never in their interests. Abkhazians will not manage to make obstacles for Russians as now they are dependant on them.
Natia, Teacher, 43

I am very glad that Abkhazians are making such statements. Still there is a little time to change the situation. I hope that Abkhazians will contact the Georgians and the foreign countries in time, to avoid the assimilation of the region, which has already begun in Abkhazia. Only in this case will they disrupt adoption of these kinds of draft laws.
Nanuli, Economist, 54

“Of course Russia will exert pressure on the so called Abkhazian government to accept that proposal. I don’t think Baghapsh or Shamba are strong enough to oppose the Kremlin’s wishes. I think that sooner or later, after discussions and arguments, Russia will do what it wants to do.”
Khatia, Lawyer, 27

“I think it is a matter of prestige for the de facto Abkhazian officials to stand firm on their position about this issue. They have to prove that they are really ‘independent’ and not a province of Russia.”
Mamuka, Bank employee, 38

“I don’t think so. Russia has every lever to oppress the puppet regime. Abkhazia cannot exist as an independent entity without someone else’s support, and right now this support comes from Russia. I guess Baghapsh will not risk making Moscow angry.”
Gocha, Driver, 40