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Compiled by Mzia Kupunia
Thursday, August 26
New academic year in Akhalgori region schools to start on September 1

11 secondary schools will start the academic year on September 1 in Akhalgori region, Rezonansi newspaper reports. According to the de facto Akhalgori administration head, Alan Jusoev, five of the schools will be Russian-language, the other 5 – Georgian. “Repair works are currently underway to the Leningori (Akhalgori) school gym and the kindergartens are also under reconstruction,” the de facto governor said.

Meanwhile the parents of schoolchildren in Akhalgori region have expressed their concern over the merger of two Georgian schools due to the lack of pupils. The teachers do not know whether or not they will be employed in the merged school, and the parents are concerned about who will be the director of the school where their kids will study, Rezonansi writes.

Akhalgori Georgian school, unlike the Russian one will not have any first graders this year. The reason for this is the Georgian government’s efforts to transfer almost all the pupils living in the region to Tserovani schools, according to the author of the article. “Anyway, the schoolchildren are very happy to go to school again. They have spent all summer at home. In addition they will get schoolbags and stationary items as a gift. Meanwhile, we, the adults are happy because the start of school brings life to this area,” Rezonansi quoted local residents as saying.

Panama business in Georgia

Panama businessmen have expressed an interest in investing in Georgia, Sakartvelos Respublica reports. In 2009 Panama invested more than USD 74 million in Georgia. According to representatives of National Statistics Agency, Panama is an offshore zone and the companies registered there usually are not of Panama origin, however for the case of entering Georgia, the investment is considered as from Panama. Most of the funds from Panama are invested in the construction business, according to Georgian officials.

According to statistical data, the number one foreign country, in terms of investments in Georgia, is the United Arab Emirates (UAE). UAE invested USD 168.8 millions in the country. National Statistics Agency reported that the number two investor country is Turkey, which invested USD 97.9 million in Georgia last year. USD 72.3 million in investment has flowed into Georgia’s economy from the UK in 2009, according to the official statistical data.