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What should the first step be to regulate Georgian-Russian relations?

Thursday, August 26
It is not easy to make a comment on such a serious issue. In my opinion, first of all, Georgian and Russian officials should stop criticising each other and express real readiness for dialogue.
Giorgi, Architect, 26

Georgian Russian relations cannot be regulated until Russian militarists leave Georgia's occupied regions. I think that regulation of relations is not in Russian interests, as the Russian ruling forces do not intend to fulfill the six point cease-fire agreements.
Nina, Musician, 35

Only one side’s goodwill for regulations relation is not enough, Russia and Georgia, together should be interested in the issue. We have not invaded Russian territories; Russia occupied our regions, so first of all Russians should express readiness for collaboration.
Nutsa, Manager, 24

I do not wait for relations regulation between Russia and Georgia. Russia needs our territories and the Russian authority is doing its best to capture the regions and assimilate them. If international organisations and countries make Russia concede, only in this case relations might be regulated.
Tamaz, Pensioner, 56

Our relations are so complicated it is difficult to say what is to be the first positive step. I suppose that the first step should be readiness for dialogue, from both sides.
Natia, Student, 19

I think the relations between Georgia and Russia can be regulated by admitting the mutual mistakes for the future. In fact is almost impossible to improve them at this stage.
Davit, Economist, 28

Sometimes it seems that it is impossible to regulate these relations. Maybe it would be better to stop just teasing the Russian governmental authorities with scandalous statements.
Nino, Interpreter, 25