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Monday, August 30
Mikheil Saakashvili invited to Special Reception in USA

President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili has been invited to a special reception during his visit to the USA from 19 to 25 September. The reception will be hosted by US President Barack Obama for United Nations General Assembly member states.

The President will deliver a speech at the assembly on 23 September.

Mikheil Saakashvili will also give a speech in New York University. Face to face meetings will be held with leaders of European, Latin American and African states.

Famous Ukrainian Journalists in Georgia

Famous Ukrainian journalists are visiting Georgia. They have already met and interviewed President Mikheil Saakashvili. The interview will be broadcast simultaneously by three Ukrainian television channels.

The journalists have visited a number of Tbilisi sights including St. Trinity Patriarchate Cathedral.

Visiting with the journalists is famous publicist and writer Vitaly Korotich – one of the architects of Perestroika.

‘We love Georgia and we can see the reforms taking place here. I want these reforms to be successful so that we can tell our government to make future reforms in Ukraine with this success. We are inspired by the reforms in the Ministry of Internal Affairs; the police are transparent today, a policeman doesn’t take bribe here,’ Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon stated.

He also commented that the Ukrainian journalists particularly liked the Georgian education reforms, especially bringing foreign teachers to the country.

‘I’m ashamed that it’s my first visit to Georgia. I think I have missed out on a lot by this. The first thing that surprised me on meeting with Saakashvili is that President is going to carry out effective and stringent reforms. You will live in successful and flourishing country,’ Vitaly Korotich stated.

National Archive Delegation to Participate in International Congress

A delegation from the National Archive of the Georgian Justice Ministry will attend an international congress. VVBAD, the Flemish association for archivists and librarians, and KVAN, the Dutch association for archivists, are holding an international congress titled 'Archives without Borders' on August 30 and 31, 2010 in the Peace Palace in The Hague, The Netherlands.

The National Archive reports that the Congress commemorates the first international archives conference, which took place in Brussels a century ago in 1910.

The Congress will focus on the importance of archives for good governance in an international context, where their significance transcends national boundaries in a global information society. Sessions will be organised on the themes ‘Archival Solidarity’, ‘Human Rights and Archives’, ‘Cross-border Archives’, and ‘Archives: Formation of the Nation State and National Identity’. Archives without Borders is supported by the Nationaal Archief in The Hague, The Netherlands, and by the Section of Professional Associations of the International Council on Archives (ICA/SPA).

Woman dies in road accident

A woman died in a road accident that occurred on Sunday morning on the Gomi Sachkhere highway. The minibus driving from Chiatura to Tbilisi reportedly crashed into an Ural type truck. Seven other passengers, who were injured in the accident, have been admitted to Khashuri and Sachkhere hospitals.
(Rustavi 2)

Chamber of Control and Latvian Audit Office Hold Joint Audit in Three Ministries

The Georgian Chamber of Control and State Audit Office of Latvia will hold joint audits in three ministries.

InterpressNews was informed by the press office of the Chamber of Control that the audit will be conducted from 30 August 2010 to 31 May, 2011 in the ministries of Healthcare, Education, and Infrastructure and Regional Development.

The agreement on the joint audit of the ministries between Chamber of Control of Georgia and State Audit Office of Latvia was signed in Kutaisi.

The Auditor General of the Republic of Latvia Inguna Sudraba visited Georgia to sign the agreement.

Illia the Second Takes Initiative to Give Church Lands to Population

Catholicos Patriarch of Georgia, Illia the Second has taken the initiative to give church land to the population and create special villages.

During the Sunday service, Illia the Second stated demographic situation in Georgia is heavy. He says that villages in some regions, with excellent soil and good harvest, are empty.

The Patriarch gave examples of special villages called 'Kibbutz' in Israel in which the population carries out agricultural work together and harvest of the village is for everyone. They are known for employing young people.

‘The Georgian church has several hectares of land tenure. I’m ready to give this land to people prepared to create such a village. There will be a church, a school, and places for rest in this village. I think we’ll establish a model for the issue,’ Illia the Second decreed. He says that it will be essential for young people to live in the villages, have children and multiply the nation.

The Patriarch mentioned that he has spoken about the issue with the President and the government is interested in it. ‘I have hope in the youth, though they are inexperienced, and they must have connection with old generation and respect them. I have said many times and I repeat that there is not a deadlock; Georgia is able to find way to advance and development,’ Illia the Second stated.