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Which professions should be promoted and assisted by the state?

Monday, August 30
Well Im a sportsman so I prefer sport over all the other professions and would simply like that our Government would do its best to promote sport in Georgia and encourage all the Georgian sportsmen to treat their sport as professionals.
Tsotne, Footballer, 23

Perhaps it will sound a bit selfish from a teacher to start talking about her personal job but still being a teacher is a great responsibility and a pride for the country at the same time.
Inna, Teacher, 28

One of the greatest shortcomings of Georgians is that they always want something very prestigious. The most popular faculties here are juridical, international relations, management and so on; however there is no need for so many lawyers and managers in the country. Technical faculties should be paid more attention, I think.
Nodar, Economist, 32

2010 national exams showed that Georgian enrollees had very low results in technical subjects and if I am not mistaken 40% of them failed in mathematics, which is really a very regrettable fact. All of the subjects and professions are needed and I am happy with the decision of the Ministry of Education that the pupils will be tested in all subjects at schools. Technical professions, engineering, should be assisted most of all.
Gela, Builder, 43

When the President states that the Government should choose professions which will be a priority for the country, he should also think that only choosing the professions is not enough. The Government should do everything it can to create jobs, if there are no jobs, no profession is useful
Tamar, Teacher, 54

I think that professions related to medicine and education should be assisted by the government. I know many people who would like to enter the medical university but due to the high fees and complicated system of education levels there, most of them choose some other profession. This is a pity.
Nazi, Housewife, 50

All professions should be treated equally. There is no unimportant profession, all of them are useful and should be respected. What the government has to do is to take more care about the quality of higher education in general.
Maia, Music teacher, 36

I think that the government should give privileges to those who want to enter physics, mathematics, chemistry and biology faculties, because right now very few want to learn those professions. They are regarded as not profitable. I think if this tendency continues, soon there will be no specialists in those fields in Georgia.
Tengo, Engineer, 52