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Criticisms of president’s plans

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, September 1
Economic analyst, Gia Khukhashvili criticises President Saakashvili’s plans for modernising Georgia. As you may recall in a recent interview Saakashvili mentioned that Georgia should become the Switzerland of Eastern Europe, with elements of Singapore. According to Khukhashvili, this goal does not comply with Georgia's officially declared aims such as its commitment to join the European Union and thus develop in this direction. Khukhashivli points out that the EU has clearly defined economic rules and does not tolerate any kind of combination or hybrid. It does not only mean Singapore but also the idea of economic free zones. If we enter the EU, the existence of economic free zones will be completely unacceptable. The truth is that the European economy does not accept unequal rules, thinks Khukhashvili. According to the analyst, the Georgian administration is making controversial and contradictory steps and as a result, it can go nowhere and may destroy the country’s economy indefinitely. “We will become no Singapore, neither Switzerland and we will have no successful economic zones,” commented the analyst to Kviris Palitra newspaper.