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Wednesday, September 1
Young sportsman killed in Tbilisi

There was a murder in Tbilisi late last night. 21 year-old sportsman, arm-wrestler Zaur Shabulishvili was killed with a pistol on Samtredia Street. The injured man was admitted to Ghudushauri clinic; however, the doctors who examined him said he was dead on arrival. (Rustavi 2)

More English teachers arrive in Georgia

The Minister of Education and Science of Georgia Dimitri Shashkin greeted 100 English teachers from the USA, Canada and Europe at Tbilisi International Airport.

As part of the governmental program Teach and Learn with Georgia the teachers will work at public schools in Imereti and Shida Kartli regions after passing the training. From the start of the new academic year, together with local teachers, they will teach English language to the schoolchildren.

The first group of foreign teachers arrived in Georgia on July 30 and will be employed in public schools of Adjara. The second group who arrived on August 14 will work in Samegrelo and Zemo Svaneti.

The Minister said the program Teach and Learn with Georgia is one of the most important projects in the education system. With the help of the program, schoolchildren will improve their knowledge of English.

1,000 native English speaker teachers have been invited to teach English to Georgian students by the President of Georgia. (Rustavi 2)

Education Minister hosts top students

Education Minister Dimitri Shashkin attended a reception at Georgia's Free University and met the students who scored the highest marks in the National Unified Exams and have enrolled at Free University.

The best students can study at Free University and get a high quality education, regardless of their financial means and place of residence - that was the main aim of the governmental program 'Learn Today - Teach Tomorrow'. Every student can follow the Bachelorís programme without paying tuition fee, gain a bachelorís degree, become successful and cover tuition fees for newly enrolled students throughout next four years.

Free University admitted students with highest average marks - 2165.6. 8 out of 10 entrants with the highest marks enrolled at Free University.

Nano Mamageishvili gained the highest mark throughout the whole of Georgia, while Nikoloz Machavariani was second. As part of the program Learn Today Ė Teach Tomorrow, the studies of these students will be sponsored from the state budget. The Minister presented the best students with personal computers.

The meeting was attended by representatives of diplomatic missions in Georgia and TBC bank. (Rustavi 2)

Fire in abandoned houses in Eredvi village

A fire broke out in the village of Eredvi in Tskhinvali region late Monday night in the abandoned homes of ethnic Georgians. Georgian police saw a line of fire several kilometres long beyond the administrative border and offered help to the Russians to extinguish the flames; however they rejected the offer. There was real danger that the fire might spread to the Russian military base in the area.

The Georgian side believes the fire was put out by the morning, because smoke is no longer visible. (Rustavi 2)

Old Woman Falls in Mtkvari

An old woman fell in the Mtkvari River in the vicinity of Galaktioni Bridge.

InterpressNews was informed by the Tbilisi rescue service who received notification of the accident from patrolling police. Lamzira Natenadze, about 70-years-old, is from Gamarjveba village, Gardabani region. Rescuers lifted the old woman from the river.

Natenadze was taken to the neurosurgical department of the First Clinical Hospital. Her doctors state that she is under supervision; she has been examined and her health is in danger. (Interpressnews)

Three Die in Ozurgeti Car Crash

One child and three women were killed and seven injured in a car accident late on Monday. The crash occurred in the village of Nagomari, Ozurgeti municipality. A car crashed into a Jeep driven by Doctor Tsitso Kharaishvili. Kharaishvili and her female passenger died; the 26-month-old child died yesterday after being hospitalized.

Former MP Vasil Chigogidze was driving the car involved in the collision. He and the passengers in his car are dead. There is no immediate threat to the lives of those injured; they have multiple fractures and bruises. (Interpressnews)

Georgian sailors ask for help

A vessel sailing under a Georgian flag, the Bacillus R, was detained in the Misurata Port, Libya, five months ago due to the dispute between the transit companies, who failed to agree on the damaged cargo on the vessel. The vessel carried cement, which was drenched in the storm. The owner of the cargo seized the vessel demanding compensation from its owner. Six of the ten crew members are Georgian nationals two Ukrainians and one - a citizen of Azerbaijan.

The crew complains about the conditions on board, adding some of them also have health problems. Meanwhile the owner of the ship, a Greek citizen, though Italian by origin, refuses to pay salary arrears to the sailors, which is in excess of 140,000 dollars.

The Georgian MFA is observing the negotiations between the sides and hopes that the involvement of international organisations in this dispute will solve the problem. (Rustavi 2)