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Do you think Georgia's economy is monopolised? – If yes, give your reason.

Wednesday, September 1
The only thing I can see and say is that every strategically important object is being sold to foreign companies and organisations. I can understand that foreign investments are important for promoting developing countries but still it is not fair to sell your own country and claim it is for the people’s benefit.
Akaki, Engineer, 64

That the economy is monopilised in the country is fact. There are several people in Georgia, who create the economic sphere in the country. In general, Georgia has no economy at all, as unfortunately all our significant properties have been or are being sold.
Giorgi, Physicist, 47

Our officials state that everything is being done for economic advancement and development in the country; however the fact is that our economy is undeveloped and people’s social-economic condition is very hard. It seems something is being done wrongly and there are serious problems in this direction.
Gaga, Manager, 29

I do not think so, if we compare the present period to former periods, positive steps are obvious. Our authority is acting really satisfactorily. In general, Georgians want everything to be done very quickly, which is not the right attitude, everything requires time.
Ramaz, Policeman, 31

Indeed it is. In Georgia there is a hidden monopoly which cannot be seen until one faces it. I would say that the importation of certain goods such as medicine, alcohol, oil, sugar, chocolate and other products are monopolised.
Erekle, Economist, 23

Well I should say yes, because the most distinguishable reason for this is that bread prices are increased and decreased upon our authorities will.
Nini, interpreter, 22

“Of course it is monopolised. You can easily be convinced – go and try to start your own business and make a profit. It is almost impossible. All branches are controlled by the local governors or officials.”
Geno, Unemployed, 50

“I think all these talks are exaggerated. If you work hard enough you will achieve your goal. It is not as hard as it seems. You should try it before criticising anyone. In Georgia they usually talk instead of doing something.”
Marina, Biologist, 42