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Obligatory authorisation for Educational Institutions

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, September 2
On September 1, First Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Georgia, Koka Seperteladze and the Head of the National Centre for Education Quality Assurance, David Kereselidze held a briefing. A new law on Education Quality Assurance will come into force from September 1st, 2010. Amendments will also be made to the law on higher, professional and general education.

In order to gain the status of an education institution, regardless the working license, authorisation will be obligatory.

An establishment is not able to use the term education institution and issue Bachelors, Masters or Doctorate degrees, professional qualifications or diplomas without authorisation.

Students who enrolled in a licensed institution before this law came into force will receive the qualification envisaged in the agreement only if the institution provides a list of these students with their personal numbers and orders of enrolment within 10 days.

MES advises those who are not enrolled in education institutions recognised by the state to continue their studies at professional education institutions with programmes that are state-recognised.

According to the amendments to the law on professional education, professional education is the equivalent to an academic education, and is much more appropriate in the employment market.

Graduates of a professional education programme will receive a state-recognised professional qualification and will be awarded a professional diploma. The following specialties are included in the list of professional qualifications: accountant, IT specialist, construction manager, hotel service specialist, landscape designer, farmer and wine-maker.

Enrolling in academic programmes and gaining a qualification recognised by the state is available according to the 2011 Unified Entry Exams. In order to gain entry to a professional education programmes, people can apply immediately to professional education institutions as well as the National Centre for Education Accreditation.