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Could you comment about Alexander Kvitashvili’s appointment as acting rector of TSU?

Thursday, September 2
To me it is not completely understandable what the reasons of Kvitashvili’s appointment on the position of the acting rector of TSU actually are. It is a riddle to me.
Kakhi, Sociologist, 42

Well, I was surprised, to tell the truth, as I suppose that he was a very good Minister. There are some ministers who should be dismissed and they are still holding their posts, which is really unacceptable.
Tamuna, Doctor, 31

As it seems Kvitashvili does not need to get additional education, as, in general, when a Minister leaves a post in Georgia, he is sent abroad for learning. I do not believe in the reason Kvitashvili named. Just the President wanted someone else in the post.
Gia, Sportsman, 24

He was the Minister for quite a long period, for nearly three years, as far as I know. Ministers are not appointed to hold the post for ever. There was nothing unusual in his statement; I suppose he will be a good rector.
Natia, Student, 21

To be fair I have had a positive opinion about Kvitashvili from the very beginning of his Ministerial activities. I think he has an interesting background and he is a qualified historian. I just wondered why he was appointed the Minister of Healthcare but he has actually dealt with all his responsibilities even in the medical field. So I do welcome his new position as the TSU Head.
Nino, Sociologist, 28

“I am not expecting any major changes in the university with the appointment of the new rector. The system has already been established and I don’t think there is a need for some significant changes. I think the changes should be applied gradually.”
Baia, Dentist, 30

“I did not follow the activities of Kvitashvili as Health Minister, so I can’t say much about my expectations. However he seems a normal person and a good patriot. I think this is what the State University needs right now.”
Kato, Teacher, 29

“Anyone will be better than the previous Rector. Gia Khubua was just a slave of Saakashvili’s administration and followed the policy dictated by the government. I hope that Kvitashvili will be able to have more freedom to act in the University.”
Tea, Student, 22