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Georgia’s wheat production plans

By Messenger Staff
Friday, September 3
The Georgian government has been given the assignment to work out and eventually realise a target of increasing wheat production in the country so that by 2013 the Georgian wheat harvest should be at least 45% of domestic wheat consumption. As Minister of Agriculture, Bakur Kvezereli stated the ministry's work is twofold. Firstly it must try to keep wheat prices as low as possible and secondly it must work on increasing wheat and corn production. This year the wheat harvest will not be too bad, although it is obviously by no means enough. The Georgian government is therefore trying to make up the shortfall by importing the necessary wheat. An agreement has been already reached with the Ukrainian government and Ukraine will export wheat to Georgia. The Georgian government is also in negotiations with Kazakhstan and the USA on the same issue to diversify the imports and hence secure enough wheat for the country.