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Friday, September 3
John Bass confirms visit of former US Secretary of State

The Ambassador of the United States to Georgia, John Bass has said the informal visit of the former state secretary, Ms. Condoleezza Rice to Georgia is very important because it emphasises the significance of ongoing reforms in the country.

Ms. Rice will arrive in Georgia together with other prominent politicians on September 6, 2010. Their cruise ship will arrive in Batumi and the guests will attend a symposium dedicated to the discussion of the issue of global challenges. The ambassador refrained from speaking about other details of the visit.

"Former Secretary Rice is making a private visit as part of a cruise through the Black Sea. I am afraid I don't have further details about that because it is a private visit," John Bass said. (Rustavi 2)

Georgian Doctor is Safe

A Georgian doctor is safe, along with five other members of the International Medical Corps.

According to Associated Press’ information an airplane came under fire in the East of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Georgian was among doctors of the “International medical corps” aboard the airplane that was transferring medical supplies.

According to the organisation’s report, the militants opened a fire in Wolikale and members of the “International medical corps” escaped into a forest until the gunfire ceased. Local guides and government officials found them.

Representatives of the UN peacekeeping mission and humanity coordination office took them down to Goma. (Prime-News)

Russian Delegation Visits Tskhinvali

A delegation of Russian senior officials, headed by the Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev, has arrived in Georgia’s occupied Tskhinvali region.

The delegation members will hold meetings with so called South Ossetia’s leadership.

The aim of the visit is to monitor rehabilitation work and become acquainted with the region's social-economic conditions. (Prime-News)

Georgian, Azeri and Romanian Presidents to Discuss Gas to Europe

The Georgian, Azeri and Romanian presidents will discuss gas transportation issues to Europe.

A meeting will be held in Baku on September 14.

Before the gathering of the three states’ presidents, a meeting of the working groups will be held in Baku on September 6. A meeting of energy ministers of Georgia, Azerbaijan and Romania is scheduled for September 13

On April 2010, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Romania signed a memorandum envisaging the construction of gas liquefying terminal in Georgia (presumably in Guria region) and re-gasification one –in Romania. (Prime-News)

Auction of Former Geology Institute

The Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development will sell the former buiding of the Institute of Geology by auction on September 13.

According to the ministry, the initial price of the the state-owned real estate, with its land, located in ¹85/24 Paliashvili/Mosashvili street is USD 1.5 million

Persons interested in purchasing the property should submit aplications to the ministry before 13:00 on September 13.

The auction will be held at 17:00 on the same day. (Prime-News)

Murder suspect arrested

Police have arrested murder suspect, Giorgi Diasamidze. The young man is suspected of killing his classmate, Valeri Kandelaki with a knife. Kandelaki had numerous injuries on his breast and back and doctors failed to save him.

The murder occurred on August 28, 2010 and there was only one eyewitness, Dimitri Chelidze, who tried to intervene in the dispute and part the young men, but he was also injured. Chelidze was taken to Kvareli Regional Hospital and fortunately his injuries did not prove fatal.

The relatives of the killed boy assert that the killer was not alone. (Rustavi 2)

Georgian University students attend summer school in Germany

A group of 24 Law faculty students of the University of Georgia have returned from Germany, where they attended summer school. The lectures of German language for Georgian students and professors were delivered in the Munster University.

The classes for Georgian students and lecturers in Munster's summer school were held within the student exchange program in accordance with the agreement signed between the Georgian and Munster Universities.

The same group of students and lecturers will travel to Germany soon again to attend professional course and several trials.

The exchange program includes the visit of German professors and students to Georgia. (Rustavi 2)