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Do you agree with bringing foreign English teachers to Georgia and what do you expect from the project Teach and Learn with Georgia?

Friday, September 3
Well, it is the nice project I think and I am happy with the authorities' decision concerning the issue. We have good specialists inside the country, however when you have a language contact with the native speaker it is completely different.
Tamuna, Student, 19

Most of those so called English teachers are employees of the intelligence services and their goals are totally different from that reason Georgian officials state. We have many Georgian English teachers and it would be batter to employee them in this direction.
Davit, Economist, 43

It is nice if Georgian Government thinks on Georgian people’s future advance in society, however many Georgians do not believe in authorities goodwill. I think that the process of bringing those teachers to Georgia should be more transparent, we should have more information on the people who they are letting into the country.
Nino, Teacher, 34

As far as I know, they are not teachers. They are from different countries with different professions, which make me doubt. I am a lawyer and I know English but my knowledge will not be enough to teach it to others, as I am not a language specialist. When we talk about a language, especially the English language, which has quite complicated spelling and pronunciation, we should not forget that the teacher has great importance, as when one studies something in a wrong way; it becomes very difficult for him in future to improve.
Zviad, Lawyer, 29

“I think it is a very good idea. My children are 11 and 13 year olds and I think it will be very beneficial for them to take lessons from the native English speakers. I hope that the project will last long enough and will not end in a couple of months.”
Tina, Nurse, 39

“I think it is one of the best initiatives of the President. I wish something like this was done when I was at school. Let’s wait and see if the project will bring the results that the government has promised us.”
Keti, Student, 20

“I am not sure this project will work. All the teachers have been chosen randomly and I don’t think they have any clear methods to teach the language to the Georgian kids. However, you never know, maybe the idea will be very successful.”
Giorgi, Unemployed, 40