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Tuesday, September 7
Tourism school may open in Georgia

24 hours writes that a tourism school may open in Georgia. The Chief of the Department of Tourism and Resorts of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia, Maia Sidamonidze presented the priorities of the department`s work on Friday. “It will be important to have a school like that where bachelors as well as masters degree certificates will be given after graduation. This will promote the improvement in the quality of tourism in Georgia,” Sidamonidze said.

Sidamonidze said that the tourism department will ask international as well as local experts to write a strategy and added that there are plans to create a tourism alliance for the Caucasus region, which will increase tourism in alliance member countries. According to Sidamonidze, as a result of creating a tourism alliance, a special tourist package will be prepared for local and foreign tourists to visit the region. Sidamonidze says that they are going to offer Azerbaijan, Armenia and Turkey the opportunity to form the joint alliance.

Maia Sidamonidze talked about the necessity to develop a proper infrastructure for tourism, raising the level of service sector, developing internal tourist tours, increasing the contribution of tourism to the economy, encouraging small and middle businesses for creating jobs.

All these points were the main priorities of the project that helped Miss Sidamonidze win the contest for the vacancy of the Chief of Department of Tourism and Resorts of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia.

The project was presented to about 80 tourist companies from the private sector as well as the media.

Alert in Lamiskana

Kviris Palitra reports that the area of Russian controlled territories in Georgia has grown by two kilometres; however the Georgian authorities are keeping silent about the issue. It is two months already since Russian soldiers occupied part of Lamiskana village in the region of Kaspi and have not allowed locals into their homes. Russian occupants are now closer to Tbilisi - just 24 km away. Lamiskana is the last village of Kaspi region, which borders the Russian controlled village of Akhmaji in Akhalgori region. The fact that the village is under conflict is confirmed by the behaviour of United Nations observers, “They are just observing the situation from far away with binoculars, how can we rely on them?” said one of the locals who refrained from giving his name.

War threat in Caucasus

Mteli Kvira writes that a large scale confrontation between the Azeris and Armenians over Karabagh has become more active during the past two weeks. Analysts and political scientists from both sides forecast a new war, especially since small attacks between the two sides military forces in the middle ground have become more frequent. The American, the French and the Russian attempts to solve the problem have proved useless. I am sure that Russia will do its best not to allow military confrontation in the region. The present situation is beneficial for Russia as both countries are dependent on it. It was reported that Medvedev warned the Azeris to refrain from any anti-Russian activities. Serdiukov does not create Russian politics; he just controls Russian military goals.