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Do you think Georgia’s participation in foreign peacekeeping missions is justified?

Tuesday, September 7
I think that participation in such missions is useful for us for several reasons. Firstly, Georgians get significant experience from those missions, which is needed for the country, as our geopolitical position does not allow us to be quiet. Also, Georgia’s prestige and international support grows due to our role in foreign peace operations.
Tekla, Manager, 29

I do not agree. I hate war and those so called peace missions are a part of war. A Georgian soldier was killed and another’s condition is very hard too; even if he stays alive, he will not have a normal life as he has lost both legs and got the most serious psychological shock. We are a small nation and there is no need for young, healthy Georgian boys to be killed in other’s wars.
Tamar, Teacher, 43

I agree, however I do not agree the number of Georgian soldiers should increase in foreign missions. A small number of Georgian soldiers should be sent there as they will get serious experience there and can then train Georgians inside the country.
Beka, Student, 19

“Despite the tragic death of our soldier in Afghanistan, I still support the idea of participating in peace missions. Georgia is part of the international community and it should take part in building peace and stability in the world.”
Shalva, Interpreter, 30

“We have our own conflicts to solve, and I don’t understand what the point of sending our soldiers abroad is. I am so sorry to hear the Georgian soldier who died in Afghanistan. I don’t know what he shed his blood for.”
Nina, Accountant, 54

“I have no particular opinion on this. On the one hand it is good that we are participating in international missions, but on the other hand we are making a sacrifice. I would like to pass my condolences to the family of the Georgian soldier dead in Afghanistan mission.”
Zhana, Student, 22

If Georgia wants to be the part of the civilized world it should participate in the peace keeping missions aimed at insuring the security worldwide.
Ilia, Lawyer, 28

I do not justify it is senseless mission especially because unlike all European nations the Georgians have sent there their troops with definite combating purpose. Neither French, nor Germans nor Italians die there only the US, UK and Georgian die. Why Georgia? Is it our war I just wonder?
Kakhi, Sociologist, 43 No of course, but if we want to be the members of various international organizations, we have to participate and that's the reality. Nino, Economist, 25