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Wednesday, September 8
Georgia to receive 100 thousand tonnes of Lithuanian wheat

24 Hours reports that during the first stage Georgia will receive 100 000 tonnes of wheat from Lithuania, according to a statement made by Georgia’s ambassador to Lithuania, Giorgi Kerdikoshvili. Kerdikoshvili said that intensive talks are continuing with Lithuania to import wheat and added that he is going to discuss the details with the Lithuanian Minister of Agriculture in a few days.

“Lithuania offered Georgia its wheat. During this first stage we think we should import no more than 100 000 tonnes. This is really very important assistance for Georgia,” Kerdikoshvili said.

Papava: I exclude protest rallies because of social problems

Economic analyst Lado Papava in his interview to Rezonansi said that Georgia's economic situation can be assessed as a crisis with a national background as well as that of the global financial crisis. As for the global economic crisis some experts believe it to be over, while some think there will be a second and third wave.

“If we look at our country’s situation there is a crisis in the country, although the population does not suffer from it very much because of the humanitarian aid which is still continuing following the August war of 2008. A serious amount of money is being flown into the state budget, filling it and then this money is distributed to those who receive financial assistance. I rule out the possibility of protest rallies because of social motives, provided the government does not carry out any forceful actions,” Papava said.

US Supports Georgia’s sovereignty

Akhali Taoba writes that during the meeting of David Bakradze, the Chairman of the Parliament of Georgia with US Congressmen, all the core issues of US-Georgia relations were discussed.

The US Congressmen stated that the US supports Georgia's sovereignty and territorial integrity. They expressed their gratitude for those contributions that Georgia makes by its participation in the Afghanistan mission in terms of combating terrorism.

The Congressmen positively assessed the introduced changes to the Constitution and noted that the constitutional reform will give the opposition the chance to participate in political processes. They said the Constitutional reform will have a positive effect on the economy.

David Bakradze, the Chairman of the Parliament of Georgia assessed the meeting with the Congressmen as significant and noted: "It is very important to perpetuate close, friendly relations and partnership with the Congress of the US - our main strategic ally. Corresponding visits should take place in Tbilisi as well as in Washington”.