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In your opinion which Georgian representation abroad acts most successfully and in what areas?

Wednesday, September 8
To tell the truth I have never been abroad and I cannot make an adequate comment. However my friends were in France several weeks ago and they were quite satisfied with Georgian embassy’s activities there.
Tamuna, Student, 19

I lived in Ukraine 5 years ago and I can say that the Georgian representation there is one of the most active. Different arrangements have been organised by them; during the 2008 war in Georgia, different anti-Russian demonstrations were held.
Giorgi, Economist, 29

I think that Georgian representations are more active in those countries where the number of Georgian emigrants is more. At the present moment I am very satisfied with the activities of Georgia’s embassy in Poland, regarding with wheat issue. I consider that this embassy has done its best.
Giga, Manager, 31

“I don’t really follow the activities of Georgian diplomats abroad, so it will be hard for me to name any of them as more active or less active. I think Georgian diplomats are doing a good job abroad, as Georgia as a very good international image worldwide.”
Kakha, Doctor, 42

“In my opinion, Batu Kutelia, Georgia’s ambassador to the US is a very good one. He has quite a hard mission – to introduce Georgia to the new administration of the US. I think he successfully managed to do this.”
Zura, Businessman, 36

“I think that Georgia’s representations in the European countries are working quite well. Almost all major European countries are aware about the problems in Georgia, as well as the prospects of this country. I guess it is the result of a hard work.”
Nino, Bank employee, 26

The most successful mission abroad is the Georgian embassy to the US. Its success can be seen by the fact that the Georgia is the third largest recipient of aid in the world from Washington.
Ilia, Sociologist, 53

The most actual acting is stealing. I think thieves are the most evident representatives of our society abroad. 100 % for sure.
Nini, Interpreter, 22