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Thursday, September 9
Sir Gary Johnson awarded Honour Prize

Sir Gary Johnson has been awarded with the Honour Prize by order of the Georgian President, Mikheil Saakashvili. The prize was presented to him for his contribution to the reinforcement of Georgian Sovereignty and State.

Since 1999, Sir Gary Johnson chaired the international supervisory body; the popular and successful reform of the law enforcement structures in Georgia was possible under his supervision.

Chairman of the Georgian Parliament, Davit Bakradze decorated Sir Gary with the Honour Prize yesterday. (Rustavi 2)

About 800 Students to receive State Grants

About 800 students who passed the unified entry exams and met the requirements for participation in the social program will receive state grants.

Approximately 800 students’ education will be funded from the state budget within the social programme of the Education Ministry, according to a statement by First Deputy Minister, Akaki Seperteladze on September 8.

The Deputy Minister said, “Grants will be issued for IDPs from occupied territories, children of those who died in wars, the disabled, members of families with several students from vulnerable families and representatives of ethnic minorities”

Students in the abovementioned categories will receive 100% grants. Students of certain other categories, who enrolled at the faculties of natural science and technical departments and failed to gain grants, will be financed by the initiative of the President.

In the framework of the social program, Gel 1,073,000 has been allocated for students enrolled in accredited higher educational institutions for the 2010-2011 academic year. (Prime-News)

Giorgi Baramidze to participate in International Economic Forum

Vice Prime Minister of Georgia and State Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration Giorgi Baramidze has left for a working visit to Poland. According to the Prime Minister's office Baramidze will participate in the 20th international economic forum to be held in Poland in Krinitse.

The forum’s goal is the development of cooperation and dialogue between the EU states and the European Community partners and neighbours, aimed at defining the further unified strategy of Europe.

High level politicians from Central and Western Europe, businessmen, independent experts and representative of NGOs will take part in the international forum.

Baramidze will deliver a speech at the forum on the issues of NATO expansion in the East and cooperation within the initiative “EC Eastern partnership”.

Baramidze will also hold meetings with government representatives from Poland, Romania and Lithuania. (Prime-News)

Senior MP downplays Labour Party concerns

The chairman of the parliament's temporary commission for the restoration of Georgia's territorial integrity, Shota Malashkhia has downplayed concerns of the Labour Party of Georgia, who said yesterday that the government kept silent over the extension of the so-called border with occupied South Ossetia towards the village of Lamiskana, Shida Kartli Region.

Paata Jibladze of the opposition party announced at a briefing that Tvaurebi district in the village of Lamiskana had been occupied by the Russian forces during the past few weeks, but the Georgian government was keeping silent.

Paata Jibladze appealed to the European Union Monitoring Mission to react to the actions of the Russian occupants. The party has already sent a corresponding letter to the EUMM.

Shota Malashkhia said the provocations from Russia were always possible, however, he denied the extension of the boundary line or any similar fact during the past month. (Rustavi 2)

More Georgians to be deported from Poland

Poland's immigration authorities are discussing the cases of approximately three thousand Georgian nationals, who arrived there illegally and asked for asylum. The illegal residents are staying in immigration camps until the relevant office makes a decision regarding their deportation.

The ambassador of Georgia to Poland, Konstantine Kavtaradze told Rustavi2 that the date of deportation is not yet set; however, they are supposed to leave the country by the end of September.

Over 600 Georgian citizens have been already deported from Poland recently. (Rustavi 2)