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Thursday, September 9
New Codes of Ethics for Schools

A Teachers’ Professional Code of Ethics, School Principal Code of Ethics and School Children Code of Conduct will be launched from the new academic year (September 15), 24 Hours reports.

The Minister of Education and Science of Georgia, Dimitri Shashkin and Director of the National Centre for Teacher Professional Development, Gia Mamulashvili held a presentation of the ethics codes for teachers and school children of Public School ¹51.

Workshops and discussions of the draft version of the codes were held with the Advisory Board, school principals, teachers, school children and their parents before the approval of the codes of ethics. Constructive notes and opinions that were expressed at the meetings are reflected in the final version of the codes.

Launching the codes will support advancement in the school environment and the development of healthy relations between the teachers, school principals and school children. Each school will develop its own internal regulations based on the codes of ethics.

Minimum pension should be GEL 150

Opposition MP, Jondi Baghaturia from new autumn session plans to work actively in parliament on three areas: social, economic and human rights, Akhali Taoba writes.

“I would like to say to pensioners that no tricks will stop the process of increasing the pension to GEL 150,” the MP said adding that communal payments should be paid by supplier companies such as Telasi for electricity as socially vulnerable people as well as pensioners suffer from this problem.

Baghaturia highlighted problems in the agricultural sector and said that there is currently total inaction in the Ministry of Agriculture. “The Minister is obliged to promote farmers’ activity in this field.”

Ministry of Health, Labour and social protection to split?

Rezonansi writes that the Ministry of Health, Labour and social protection might be broken up, with the Labour part of the ministry possibly joining the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development. MP Gigi Tsereteli says it has not been ruled out that the reform might be carried out in the nearest future.

The Christian Democrats voiced that news some months ago agree with this decision as Christian democrats think that this will enable greater concentration on health protection and on unemployment issues. At that time the idea was not supported by the government, however it has now become popular. Christian Democrat Magda Anikashvili said that now, when a minister has not yet been appointed, is the right time to carry out this reform, with the Labour part of the ministry being separated.