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Do you think more opposition parties should be involved in discussing the new constitution?

Friday, September 10
I welcome that some opposition parties awoke and decided to participate actively in the processes which are very significant for the country. I consider that more opposition parties should be involved not to then have some remarks and complaints when the new constitution comes into force.
Gia, Painter, 29

The new constitution is an issue upon which the opposition should have some common views and agreements. When one participates in its discussions and another criticises that oppositional directions for its involvement in the issue, is not right and sensible to my mind. First of all, the opposition should agree on basic issues and then participate in the activities, as with several different views their activeness is not profitable.
Tamar, PR manager, 31

It has no meaning whether the opposition takes part in discussions of the issue or not, as the present authority will adopt a constitution which will be profitable for them; it is already obvious.
Gega, Architect, 45

“Participation of the opposition in discussing such issues is very important. The government should not be able to do whatever it wants to do to the constitution. I don’t think it is wise to refuse participating in these discussions.”
Meri, Nurse, 43

“I think there is no point. Why should opposition politicians waste time discussing the draft constitution, if the parliament will adopt the draft favorable to the current ruling administration?”
Tengo, Engineer, 38

“Not only opposition parties but ordinary people and NGOs should also be actively involved. It is the responsibility of every citizen of Georgia. I think being ignorant to this issue is intolerable.”
Mari, Student, 22

I think that all of us should be involved in it, not only politicians. People should discuss what should be there and what should not be, though while the name for opposition is still just ''opposition'' I guess they could speak from our words but from the day they are elected they usually forget about us.
Nino, Interpreter, 23