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Georgia introduces transit payment

By Messenger Staff
Monday, September 13
Georgian officials have announced that they will be introducing new tariffs of fees for transit movement through the country. As a result of this development, which was confirmed by the Polish Transport Transit Bureau, the payment will be USD 110, to be paid before entering Georgian territory. The charge is to be made by all means of transport which is carrying cargo label to taxation duties. Passenger mini buses will not be affected, nor will cargo which is entering the country from the sea due to pass customs control within the 10 kilometers zone. All drivers of the vehicles concerned will be warned in writing that they are liable to pay the new tax and that attempts to avoid payment will be penalised.

Armenian economic analyst Andranik Tevanian commented on the issue, stating that this will eventually increase the price of imported goods entering Armenia via Georgia. According to him, Georgian-Armenian relations should be reconsidered and Tevanian suggested that his country should be putting pressure on Georgia over the issue. He also highlighted that two thirds of cargo entering Armenia comes via Georgia whereas Georgia is only interested in Aarmenia from the perspective of its tourists visiting the Adjara region in the summer.

However, the alarming reservations of Tevanian were answered by Armen Grigoryan, the head of international forwarding company Slav Rep International, who stated that according to a bilateral agreement between Armenia and Georgia transit between the two countries will remain free of charge.