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Monday, September 13
Ilia II Preached People to Love their Motherland

Patriarch of Georgia – Ilia II preached to people on the importance of loving their motherland .

“God’s grace is immeasurable. God’s love outnumbers our sins. Our great ancestor Ilia Chavchavadze left us such kind of will: Language, motherland and faith. We keep ourselves with those three concepts. We developed this will according to nowadays’ problems and received: god, motherland and human”, Patriarch said.

Georgian people have always been devoted believers. We are happy that more and more young people come to the church.

“It is neither my merit nor clergy. It is the church, it is a live church. God called for you not I, I am one of you, member of our church. Be praise to the God for everything!” – Patriarch said.

NATO Alliance Office to Open in Georgia

A NATO alliance office will be opened in Georgia, it was confirmed by an agreement that will be ratified at the Parliament Plenary Session next week.

An agreement about 'Creation NATO – Georgia alliance office, Status and personnel' was signed on August 23 by NATO and on September 2 by Georgia.

According to the project, the alliance office and its personnel will have privileges stipulated by the Vienna Convention of 1961. Those privileges include release from criminal jurisdiction, tax and custom duties.

The office will be targeted on the facilitation of NATO – Georgia relationship development and the alliance will cover all expenses related to office opening, while Georgia is responsible only for office space allocation.

Fire breaks out in silk enterprise in Kutaisi.

A silk enterprise is on fire in the city of Kutaisi in Western Georgia. As reported, the fire broke out on the roof and then spread to the building while the strong wind and high temperature fuelled the fire even more.

Several people were in the building when the fire broke out, although they were evacuated in time. The fire brigade arrived at the site almost immediately, as the fire station is located right next to the silk enterprise.

The cause of the fire is not known so far. Representatives of the board of the enterprise were able to save important documentations but the amount of loss inflicted on the enterprise will be calculated at a later date..
(Rustavi 2)

Over 25,000 students enrolled in higher education institutions in Georgia

25,381 students have been enrolled in accredited higher education institutions in Georgia according to 2010 Unified Entry Exams. 3,276 of them will continue studying at higher professional programs.

Over 2,000 students have been admitted as the result of the secondary enrolment. 23,296 entrants of over 36,000 registered candidates have become students according to the primary enrolment.

2,085 students have been admitted as a result of the secondary enrolment. 7,902 students of the academic directions have gained the full and partial state funding (998 of them received 100% grant).

A list of the enrolled entrants has been published on the website of the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia
(Rustavi 2)

Head of Berlin`s American Academy examining conflict issues in Georgia

The Chair of Abkhaz legitimate government met with the head of the American Academy in Berlin in Tbilisi on Friday. Giorgi Baramia and Ulrike Graalts discussed the issue of conflicts in Georgia.

The head of the academy is a conflict specialist. She is making a survey on the conflicts in the Caucasus Region and therefore getting familiarized with the proper facts and details.

`We gave her as much information as possible about what is going on in occupied Abkhazia today; what is the policy of the Russian occupational forces in the region, the catastrophe the region is facing and human rights that are being violated there daily`, Giorgi Baramia said.
(Rustavi 2)

Historic portrait presented at Ministry of Culture

The presentation of the portrait of the last queen of Abkhazia and Samegrelo, Nino Dadiani, was held at the Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection on September 12. Representatives of various museums, art critics and the descendants of the royal family were attending the presentation.

Georgian businessman, Victor Dadiani, who lives in Australia, arrived in Georgia together with his family on Tuesday and took the painting, which he bought at an auction in Europe.

The portrait will be handed over to the Dadiani Royal Palace in Zugdidi.
(Rustavi 2)

Georgian Sports Minister promises investigate judo incident

Georgian Minister for Sports and Youth Affairs arrived in Tokyo, Japan in order to find out details of the incident regarding Georgian judoist Irakli Tsirekidze.

`I would like everyone to know that Tsirekidze is innocent. Similar incidents should not take place, as everything should be planned.

`We will let the society know about our decision by September 17. We will impose sanctions and make responsible for the incident all those people, who should have looked after Tsirekidze and evaded the incident not to make other countries laugh at us.

`This is really a disgraceful situation. I promise that the Sports and Youth Affairs Ministry will do its best to avoid similar incidents and frivolous attitudes in any kind of sports in the country`, Vardzelashvili told Rustavi 2 Georgian TV-station.

Irakli Tsirekidze was on Thursday excluded from the World Judo Championship Tokyo 2010 due to negligence. The jury called him three times, but he did not appear on the tatami as he was having a rest after having wrestled with Ukrainian and Uzbek rivals. Members of the Georgian delegation did not let him know that he was due to continue wrestling at the competition.
(Rustavi 2)