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Do you think the President’s demand- all s to know English- in Georgia is realistic?

Monday, September 13
It’s nice to know English; however everything has its frames and limits. I am 52 years old and I am a teacher of physics at school, it would be extremely difficult for me to study foreign language based on my age and conditions. However I am professional in my sphere and why should someone in the school have more salary than me due to his English? It is unjust, I think.
Bela, 52, physicist

I passed entrance exams this year and I passed German, as I studied German and not English at school. If the University enables me to study English language without private teacher’s assistance I welcome such demands. So, demand is one thing but what will be the circumstances and conditions created for all from the authorities to study this foreign language.
Giorgi, Student, 18

I consider that this is the one of the most stupid statements made by the President. There is no need at all to know English, when many Georgian citizens do not know Georgian. There are regions where ethnic minorities live in Georgia and they ask the authority to enable them to study Georgian and nothing is being done in this direction. Secondly, the English language is important but Russian is significant as well, when almost all our neighboring countries speak Russian, why should our children not be able to communicate with them?
Nikoloz, Historian, 45

I think that Saakashvili’s demand has been motivated by his wish to make Georgia more touristic than ever. English is the most widespread language in the world which enables communication with the foreign visitors.
Nino, Journalist, 21

I think our President has a wonderful opinion of his people…Well there are so many people in Georgia who have been learning different foreign languages (French, German, Italian, Turkish, etc) for years so it will be difficult for them to change their preferences in middle age.
Lali, Doctor, 48

Adults will find it difficult to study English – it will be difficult for them to read and write in a proper way. But those who have never had any connections with English either at schools or universities will somehow manage to overcome the language barriers. English is one of the easiest languages in the world.
Meriko, PR Manager, 27

Everyone in Georgia should properly know the Georgian language and avoid using English words in their everyday life. But let those who need English in their career learn it for themselves. I am good at German and I’m thinking of leaving to go to Germany. So I don’t think English should be compulsory for everyone in a free and democratic country like Georgia...
Tata, pupil, 17