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Wednesday, September 15
Governors’ appointment issue has been agreed

Akhali Taoba writes that, on September 13, The Steering Commission on Edition and Universal Public Consideration of the "Draft Constitutional Law on the Changes and Amendments to the Constitution of Georgia" completed its activities. Commission members will take into account the remarks of the opposition – New Rights, Industrialists and Christian Democrats. One of the main subjects considered were the rules of appointment for governors in the Georgian regions.

According to the reached consensus, the Governors will be appointed by the Cabinet of the Government instead of the Prime Minister. "During appointment of the Governors, the principal detail of such circumstances is the possibility of the cabinet of the government to be formed as a coalition. In that case, the interests of all political powers will be taken into account,” David Bakradze, chair of the parliament stated.

"The Commission shared the opinions expressed by the NGOs and the political opposition and, proceeding from the interests of the society and the consensus, the organic law will not be abolished by the new Constitution”, David Bakradze stated. According to his information, work on the organic law will continue as part of an initiative of "The New Rights” party.

The Commission touched upon various technical issues, detailed consideration of which will take place during the preliminary discussions. “We continue consultations and discussions on the number of issues, the consideration of which will proceed in the parliamentary format”, Bakradze said.

The Commission held meetings with representatives of all social circles during a period of one and a half months, in the capital as well as with the residents of the regions.

Georgia is unprotected as never before

In his interview to Rezonansi, military analyst Irakli Sesiashvili says that the current reality in the country is very bad. He thinks that Georgia’s diplomatic relations with Russia will not change anything for the better and that statements are only being made for PR. According to the analyst, in reality Georgia is not ready to meet with Russia and that, most probably, such a meeting will not take place in the near future. As things currently stand, Sesiashvili is sure that nothing will be changed for Georgia.

“Saakashvili often talks about the brave army, economic prosperity and this is because he wants to maintain a positive image in society. But, in reality, the opposite is true. Georgia is unprotected today as never before. To confirm this we can look at the Kronika programme which was initiated. Saakashvili said that those events which were described were very near to reality and could easily be carried out. But in such ‘reality’ we watched how Russians entered Tbilisi. The President was evacuated and, in fact, by such a statement we were waiting for full occupation of the country. How can we have any sense of protection after that? Moreover, we cannot control occupied territories, where Russians bases are constructed and strengthening and threatening our lives,” Sesiashvili said.