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Do you think the recently signed memorandum concerning Caspian energy recourses transit to Europe via Georgia, bypassing Russia, will be reflected in European-Russian relations?

Wednesday, September 15
Well, Georgia and Russia are arguing on every single issue in the whole world so I won’t be surprised if this very issue will become a subject of confrontation for Europe and Russia.
Elene, Pianist, 48

Europe and Russia have a strange relationship. I think that they are trying to somehow find the same values. Meanwhile Georgia is always interrupting with its ambitious plans and initiatives such as signing the memorandum concerning Caspian energy recourses transit to Europe via Georgia which Russia will by all means oppose.
Niak, Engineer, 24

It is difficult for me to predict. However, I consider that it is a significant project for several reasons. First of all, Georgia will fulfill its main transit function and this will positively reflect on our economy. Secondly, Georgia’s role from an international viewpoint will be strengthened.
Tamar, Marketing Manager, 32

One of the main levers by which Russia is putting pressure on European countries is the issue of energy resources. This is the main reason European countries refrain from making very strict and categorical statements towards Russia, in my opinion. If Russia was left without such levers and Europe develops an alternative way of getting energy recourses, European-Russian relations will be changed.
Beka, Political scientist, 26

If alternative ways of receiving energy resources can be found, Europe will not be dependent on Russia in this direction and naturally some changes in their relations are possible. If Georgia becomes the main transit country for Europe, this fact will have positive connotations for Georgia, to my mind.
Gela, Historian, 51

Of course it will be a blow for Russia. Moscow usually speculates with energy transit routes and if the Caspian Energy resources get to Europe bypassing Russia, the Kremlin will lose one powerful lever of putting pressure on EU states.
Zhana, interpreter, 25

Europe is simply trying to diversify its energy markets, and of course, the EU countries are trying to overcome the Russian influence somehow with this move. I guess the Russian government must be quite irritated by this fact.”
Alexandre, teacher, 50

Putin and Medvedev should get used to the idea that it is impossible to restore an empire in the 21st century. As soon as they put up with this fact, they will stop being aggressive and will start thinking more about their own people.
Irina, cashier, 30