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Analyst challenges tourism development strategy

By Messenger Staff
Friday, September 17
Economic analyst Demur Giorkhelidze has stated that the steps taken by the state for the development of tourism are positive but should not be taken at the expense of the development of other areas. According to him, developing the country to be dependent on the tourism industry is dangerous and could yield some very serious negative results, thinks Giorkhelidze.

The analyst recalls that, during the world financial crisis, the most prominent tourist countries such as Spain and Greece found themselves in a grave situation and are still experiencing problems. According to him, focusing so heavily on such a vulnerable sphere of business as tourism is a risky act. According to the analyst, there is no clear cut strategy of what kind of tourism the country wants to develop and in what direction. He also believes that should not simply be aiming for people to visit the country and spend money. Instead, a special policy is needed. The analyst thinks that developing tourism without developing agriculture, local industry and adjustment branches is practically impossible. Attention should be paid to the production of ecologically clean food, which requires agriculture to be monitored more professionally and should, eventually, contribute to the development of the tourism industry.