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Support for Georgia on the agenda as Bakradze meets US Congressmen

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Friday, September 17
The US Congress is working on a new resolution to support Georgia. In the document, the situation in the territory of Georgia will be assessed from the viewpoint of international law. The statement was made after the Georgian Parliament Speaker; Davit Bakradze’s meeting with American Congressmen in Washington, on September 16.

At the meetings the discussions concerned mainly security issues and the situation within the occupied territories of Georgia. The Congressmen once more maintained the US support of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia. At the meetings, the parties discussed the strategy of settling the conflicts and improving Russia-Georgia relations. The Congressmen informed Bakradze of the resolution's details.

At the US Atlantic Council, a special group working on Georgian issues has been created and the congressmen participating in the group are due to visit Georgia in the nearest future. The information was announced after the meeting between Frederick Kempe, the President of the Atlantic Council of the United States and Bakradze. The main issue of the meeting was the ongoing constitutional reform in Georgia. The Parliament Speaker informed the Council members of the changes which will be reflected in the new constitution of Georgia and mentioned that, “Political life during the recent history of the country has shown that it was necessary to shift from the presidential model to the parliamentary model of the governance for the democratic development of the country. Our country is ready for the implementation of the institutional reforms and the change of the political system”, Bakradze noted.

The Georgian Parliament Speaker was one of the major rapporteurs of the forum of the Community of Democracies held in Washington. The Community of Democracies is the global intergovernmental coalition of the democratic states, the aim of which is to strengthen democratic principles, norms and institutions throughout the world. The coalition has members from over 100 states. In his speech, David Bakradze touched upon the democratic reforms ongoing in Georgia, “The present Government of Georgia has implemented a number of political and economic reforms for the transformation and development of the country. As a result, corruption was defeated in Georgia and liberal legislation for businesses was formed,” Bakradze stated.

American Senator, John McCain, who also participated in the forum, has described Russian activities in Georgia as shameful,” Russia violates a 6-point cease fire agreement and that is why American authorities should carry out pressure on Russia using, for example, economic direction in order for this agreement to be fulfilled. It is shameful that Russia continues to occupy Georgian territories and recognizes the independence of the Abkhazia and Tskhinvali regions. The situation in Georgia is unacceptable for us and we think that your country has a right to make decisions without any pressure, “McCain stated.

According to analyst Nika Chitadze, “America’s support towards Georgia and the adoption of such a document, which, in my opinion will be supported by significant number of congressmen, is important. But the second stage is how it will be reflected in present Georgian reality. From a short term perspective, I do not expect serious changes concerning the de facto regions of Georgia. However, I am more optimistic from a long term perspective. I suppose that economic pressure on Russia from US side will be more effective than that of resolution. For the international community, much will depend on Russia and how much it concedes towards Georgia. However, Europe should follow the United States in this direction and it should be united on this issue, as there are some countries in Europe which are loyal towards Russian activities,” Chitadze stated for the Messenger.

As Analyst Irakli Sesiashvili told the Messenger, “Those obligations Georgia has against the international community are being ignored, or are fulfilled only on paper in reality. There is not a healthy environment in the country for economic and business development, while corruption still exists in the country. However this is more “elite” corruption, “Sesiashvili stated.