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Are you satisfied with the performance of the current government and if not, why?

Friday, September 17
Our government could perform much more efficiently; however I can't see any decent candidates capable of changing it.
Temur, Reporter, 24

Well, there are some issues about which I am satisfied and others I am not. I agree with the educational reform and changes in this direction, however I do not like some of young ministers appointed lately. I consider that the people in such posts should be chosen more carefully.
Gela, Boxer, 26

I am satisfied that the role of Georgia, from an international point of view, is increasing. It is obvious, that a lot of positive moves are being made inside the country in terms of tourism and some other directions. Perfect authority does not exist, but in general I am content with the present one.
Davit, Architect, 43

More or less, I can see positive moves; however some fundamental issues are being paid little attention, such as the country's economy, agriculture, and the creation of a healthy environment for business development. Until these matters are addressed, main problem of Georgia-unemployment - will not be settled.
Giorgi, Economist, 32

“The current government is much better than the previous one. So I think we should not complain so much. However there are things they could have been done better. I would like to see our administration making more efforts to create more jobs.”
Rezo, distributor, 36

“I don’t like how the government handled the issue of the street vendors. Of course it is important to maintain order in the streets but it is essential to think about the people who are now left jobless.”
Nia, nurse, 27

“The Government’s current activities are mostly based on PR and nothing else. We see President’s speeches in Batumi and Anaklia every evening on how beautiful life is in Georgia. However, everyone forgets that most people in the regions live in poverty.”
Megi, student, 23