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Tuesday, September 21
National Forum gathered 80 000 signatures

Akhali Taoba reports that the National Forum recently gathered 80 000 signatures for the law initiatives about electoral environment changes. This information was announced in Gori by Irakli Melashvili, one of the leaders of the party.

Melashvili said that, despite the fact that the law initiative process needs 30 000 signatures, the National Forum jointly with other opposition parties will present even more signatures so that the authorities and international society can see more clearly that the electoral environment changes are demanded not only by one political party but by the whole opposition spectrum and society.

“We had consultations with partner opposition political parties and in a week eight political parties will present our proposal and introduce it to the society,” Melashvili said.

Signatures will be introduced to parliament until October 23 and parliament will be obliged to discuss these changes at its autumn session. “The authorities wished to discuss only constitutional changes at autumn session, but parliament will be obliged to discuss our initiatives, and if it refuses to adopt these changes, we will continue to fight to reach our goal,” Melashvili said.

Laborites Accuse Council of Europe and Venice Commission in Assisting Authorization of Dictatorial Regime

Laborites have accused Council of Europe and Venice Commission in assisting the authorization of a dictatorial regime in Georgia, Akhali Taoba reports. As the party’s chairperson, Shalva Natelashvili, stated at a news conference yesterday, that the heads of the aforementioned organizations are turning a blind eye to Saakashvili’s attempt to legalize his alleged dictatorship.

Shalva Natelashvili proposes that only the constitutional changes demanded by Laborites can stop this process. According to their proposal, after 2 terms as president have expired, he must not have the right to be appointed as Prime Minister, chairperson of Parliament and Supreme Court for 5 years.

Natelashvili introduced the proposal to the representatives of CoE and Venice Commission at CoE office, though he says he did not receive an objective answer.

Natelashvili says that the parties that do not support the demands of Laborites will be traitors and will be helping Saakashvili to become Premier.