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What do you think of Georgia having a Jury institute in Courts?

Tuesday, September 21
I think that the Georgian Judiciary system needs improvement. I mean the court is absolutely biased. People should be treated in a proper way – some criminals become free if they pay for their freedom, while other innocent people remain imprisoned just because they have no money “to prove their innocence.” That’s not fair but I doubt that the Jury institute can fix such violations – it’s the legislation which has to be changed.
Laura, Economist, 49

I welcome the Jury institute in Georgia because I think that the society should be more aware of the things going on around them. Such people are usually more unbiased; they can imagine themselves in the criminals’ places and make an appropriate judgment.
Irakli, footballer, 23

I do not think that there was any need for such an institute. To be honest, our authorities' activities irritate me, they are doing their best to show that Georgia is a European and developed country by frequently making such unnecessary steps.
Gia, Economist, 41

The system operates in several very influential aspects. However there are only one or two countries in European Union, which have a Jury Institute. Even in the United States, where the system has practically been developed, signs of dissatisfaction are obvious towards the system. So, in general, I do not support this institute’s establishment in our courts.
Shota, sociologist, 32

It is very nice, I suppose. 12 men will make a more impartial and just decision than one. However, I think that jury members should be trained accordingly. I hope that I will find myself among the jury members one day.
Tatia, Student, 19

“I would like to be one of them. I hope I will be lucky enough to be elected as a member of Jury. It is a fascinating opportunity to contribute to making our court system more transparent and just.”
Natia, student, 23

“I am quite skeptical about this initiative. I think the Georgian court system needs a much more in-depth reform than simply introducing jury institute. I am not sure that implementing this institute in the Tbilisi City Court only will change the overall dire situation that we now have in the country's court system.”
Maia, musician, 46

“It is not a breakthrough for the Georgian court system, as the government would like to portray. However, it is still a very positive move. I would take part in this with great pleasure, although I realise that it is a huge responsibility.”
Nugzar, architect, 54