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Friday, September 24
National Council preparing for protest rallies

In his interview with Rezonansi, Conservative Party leader Zviad Dzidziguri said that in the autumn session there are a number of protest rallies planned. However he adds that the National council is seriously prepared to make a coalition from different opposition parties which will be united for one goal – to make Saakashvili leave the post.

“I will not confirm with whom we are having talks and consultations, because when such things become clear the, threat of failure increases. I just want to say one thing, that those parts of the opposition which are radical and the second part which was more moderate should not unite. As they have quite different ways of running politics and different plans. In our coalition will be those parties which think that by protest rallies and demanding snap elections Saakashvili will be made to leave the President’s post,” Dzidzihuri said.

“We will start our activities very soon, in this autumn. We will introduce our plans to the society very soon. I have been in politics more than 20 years and rallies were, are and will be important until it is necessary for the country. But street rallies need to be run adequately, if it is not run properly, the rally will be unsuccessful,” Dzidziguri said, adding that government does not have a right to be protected as there is a very negative mood among people towards them. They have lots of complaints starting from increased prices and ending with the occupied territories.

Ilia University lecturers to held lectures at public schools

24 Hours reports that from this school term, Ilia University lecturers will deliver lectures at public schools. According to the University Ilia University formed an agreement with 23 schools of Tbilisi regarding this new initiative.

During the 2010-2011 school term, lecturers will hold open lectures at schools, where schoolchildren will have an opportunity to get general information from university scholars and professors about science, art, how to choose a profession and much more.

The initiative of holding open lectures belongs to Ilia University and its overall goal is to produce excellent students in science, novelties and get more information and raise their intellectual level.

Refugees and ecomigrants take ownership of new homes

Dwelling houses were transferred to the legal ownership of 92 refugees and families of 12 ecomigrants residing in Chakvi, Akhali Taoba reports.

Dwelling houses, located in the former schools’ buiding, were transferred to the legal ownership of refugees and families of ecomigrants residing in Chakvi. Their flats were completely repaired and rooves and windows were replaced with new ones.

The Minister of Refugees Koba Subeliani visited the refugees and got acquainted with their living conditions on September 22. He also met with those families whose members held a protest action and sewed up their mouths, demanding allocation of the dwelling spaces in the capital.

According to the ministry’s decision dwelling houses, located in Chakvi, were transferred to their legal ownership.