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Do you think there is a chance of Russia becoming a key partner for Georgia?

Friday, September 24
Well, if I am not mistaken, our President has mentioned something like this in America. To be honest, his statement surprised me, as in general, he criticizes Russia. I do not expect this statement to come true in the near future.
Gia, Architect, 29

Russia is occupying a significant part of our territory, at the present moment. It is unimaginable for Russia to be a key partner for Georgia, as an enemy can not be partner at the same time. If Russia makes a sensible decision and leaves our territories, it might be the partner of Georgia.
Davit, Soldier, 23

The relationship with Russia is very important for Georgia. However there are some issues which are serious obstacles for such relations. At the present moment, we are in a hostile situation. Our authorities do not enter negotiations or dialogue and how might Russia be our partner if such a situation persists? I am interested.
Tamar, Teacher, 43

“I think that all this talk about the possibility of dialogue between Tbilisi and Moscow is just words. I don’t know how negotiations should start when Russian leadership is not going to change its recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, when the Georgian government is not going to recognize the breakaway regions as independent. The situation is deadlocked, however none of the sides want to admit this.”
Jano, businessman, 34

“It is a diplomatic trick. Both sides say they are ready to start talks, but in fact none of them are ready to make concessions. There are no chances of talks until the Russian government starts to think differently, as Saakashvili said. And this is true. However the chances of the Russian government thinking differently are around zero I guess.”
Nika, lawyer, 26

“Dialogue should always be welcome. I would be very happy if the Russian and the Georgian government could find a common language. I am not very optimistic that this might happen in the near future though.”
Manana, housewife, 41

“There are always chances for everyone…But I doubt that Saakashvili and Medvedev will ever manage to understand each other in any issue…Perhaps if the Government changes, the new rulers will try to solve the problems in a peaceful way.”
Mariam, doctor, 42

“I doubt that the two countries will manage to become key partners in the near future. I would definitely welcome such a change in relations between Georgia and Russia but it will take time.”
Irakli, sociologist, 32

“I am quite surprised to hear this question after the August War in 2008. The Governments of both sides have such different approaches towards the issue and they try so hard to blame each other over the terrible results of the war that I really doubt such a partnership can ever be achieved between them any more.”
Nugzar, lecturer, 53