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Alasania criticizes official economic policy

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, September 28
Last week, the leader of the opposition Free Democrats, Irakli Alasania, organized a press conference where he criticized the officials of terrorizing business in Georgia. He mentioned that businessmen are so frightened that they would not dare to speak out about anything. He portrayed the situation in the country as disastrous for the Georgian economy, predicting that the situation would get worse if the state does not change its attitude towards business and improve the situation. Alasania mentioned that after the elections of May 30 the state has put big pressure on business, causing around 15% of businessmen to think seriously as to whether they should continue their activities in Georgia, or move abroad. According to Alasania, 25% of the country’s budget is accumulated by penalties and punitive obligations paid by different businesses. According to him, business policy is not organized by the appropriate bodies. Therefore, many businesses stop functioning thereby increasing unemployment and reducing incomes of the employed. According to him, this is a state legalized government racket. There is no development in the country of a healthy and compatible business environment. It would be impossible for this environment to be created on its own, when there is no independent court system in the country, stated Alasania. He also mentioned that before the elections, there were campaigns for the state to relieve pressure on businessmen. However, as soon as the election was won, the government has actually placed extra pressure on businesses, thinks Alasania.