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Tuesday, September 28
What is Irakli Okruashvili going to do?

In his interview to Akhali Taoba, former public defender, now in opposition, Sozar Subari spoke of his meeting with former defence minister now in exile Irakli Okruashvili.

“We have talked about the current situation in Georgia and discussed the plans which should be made in order to end the one party regime in Georgia. Previously, I had consultations with Okruashvili so we needed to meet each other to share our opinions. I can say that our opinions are the same in one issue and that is that if we are not united, it will be impossible to end Saakashvili’s criminal regime. Okruashvili is not a friend of the authorities and he created many problems for Saakashvili’s regime which forced him to leave his post. Okruashvili showed Saakashvili that he is not a trusted person any more and that most of the Georgian population hates him and his regime. That’s why he is not able to rely on Georgians. The only people who are reliable for Saakashvili are the police,” Subari said.

“Today we face another reality. People, despite their different opinions, should unite so we can change this regime and save Georgia. As for our plans, we have a certain outline but it is a bit early to talk about that. We will introduce everything to the public as soon as our negotiations end,” Subari said.

English Language Textbooks Specially Published for First Graders

24 Hours reports that the Minister of Education and Science for Georgia, Dimitri Shashkin, and Director of National Curriculum and Assessment Center, Natia Jokhadze personally presented the first graders of Tbilisi Public School ¹53 with English Language textbooks, published for the first graders of the pilot schools .

The concept of the textbook was created for the first graders according to the joint work of experts and psychologists. Age, views and skills of the schoolchildren are considered in it. The textbook is entertaining and easily understandable.

“Studying the English language in the modern world environment has the greatest importance. Knowledge of this international language gives the youth many opportunities. As it is known, adults master the foreign language easily in the early ages. English language classes will be given for the first graders in the pilot schools where notebooks have already been distributed. It is important to conduct the teaching with textbooks of a high quality” – noted the Minister of Education and Science of Georgia, Dimitri Shashkin.

Shashkin met with an English language teacher from the USA, Ms. Daniela Blake. She will help the Georgian schoolchildren to study the English language.

English language classes will be given to all first graders of the public schools from the next academic year.