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Do you think the national movement will be as influential without Mikheil Saakashvili, if he does not chair the party after 2013?

Tuesday, September 28
I doubt whether Saakashvili will leave his post…But even if he will be forced to do so, will he not stay as a member of the UNM? I am not totally familiar with the legislation.
Maka, Photographer, 25

I think that the United National Movement has somehow gained some authority and influence on people – particular members of the group have been so artfully trying to convince the society with their sincere kindness that I’m sure they will manage to spread their influence even in the event of Saakashvili’s removal from the post.
Elene, Lawyer, 48

First of all I do not think that Saakashvili intends to leave politics after his presidential term expires. As for National Movement, I consider that National Movement is Mikheil Saakashvili.
Gela, Painter, 32

It is difficult to say right now, as 2013 a long way away and in politics even a day is significant. I just express my viewpoint. In my opinion, the Movement might be influential, as serious changes were made during these years.
Natia, Economist, 43

Well, I think that National Movement is very much associated with Saakashvili and without Saakashvili’s involvement in party’s activities; it will not be so influential. Saakashvili is the connecting circle of the party.
Gia, Engineer, 56

I think the United National Movement will manage without Saakashvili but I doubt whether he will get used to being an ordinary citizen in the event of losing his chair…
Erekle, student, 18

“It is hard to predict anything, but I guess the party will not be as strong as it is now, without Saakashvili. Although who knows, maybe a new leader will emerge in three years, who will be as charismatic and influential as Saakashvili.”
Tea, cardiologist, 26

“I don’t think so. The National Movement is Saakashvili, inspired by Saakashvili, led by Saakashvili and strong because it has Saakashvili as a leader. Otherwise it is a group of people that lack the power to remain an influential political party.”
Nodar, mathematician, 39

“Anything can happen between now and 2013. Let’s just wait and see. I don’t think that Saakashvili and his team will lose their influence and power in Georgia in the next 10 years, at least so it seems now.”
Irma, economist, 32