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Problems in agriculture

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, September 29
Almost 53% of the Georgian population lives in rural districts. 40% of the Georgian population is directly involved in agricultural works, however agricultural production provides only 8% of the GDP and it satisfies only 12% of the total demand of the country's agricultural products.

There are huge human resources in rural districts and their potential is not being realized. During the EU research, it was concluded that one of the main reasons for poverty was the undeveloped situation in the Georgian agricultural sector. It was highlighted that it was not efficiently financed and assisted by the state. There is no clear cut strategy for the development of the agricultural sector. No systemic support is rendered in the agricultural sector for finding and diversifying its markets. No sufficient marketing or PR actions are taken by the state. No irrigation projects are implemented efficiently. There is no financed development of scientific research in order to implement progressive methods of agricultural stimulation educating farmers on using properly fertilizers, providing these fertilizers to farmers with necessary instructions and so on. To cut a long story short, the agriculture is a very important traditional and strategic segment of Georgia's economy. However it is abandoned and is in a chronically bad situation, fading and deteriorated.