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The Scroll of Peace has Reached the Kingdom of Denmark

By Nata Kereselidze
Wednesday, September 29
The Georgian Diaspora in the Kingdom of Denmark held a presentation welcoming the peace message from the IDP’s (internally displaced people) in Georgia on September 25. At 1 p.m. local time, a group of refugees attended the meeting organized in Herlev (a suburb about 9 km northwest of Copenhagen city center), which was opened by the chairwoman of the Diaspora – Rusudan Giorgberidze and included short speeches from the Ambassador of Georgia to Denmark – David Kereselidze, as well as one of the representatives of a small, newly established Danish organization – Friends of Georgia.

The ceremony was fully devoted to the significance of the scroll which carries signatures of more than 5000 internally displaced persons from all around Georgia. However, the number of signatures grew as it traveled to France, its first host country, on September 18, continuing its route to the north, visiting Denmark as its second. Next in line are – Italy (October 3), Germany (October 9), Greece (October 16), Turkey (October 23), Ukraine (October 30), Latvia (November 6), Spain (November 13), and finally the United States (November 20) – where it is to be observed by the United Nations at their headquarters in New York City.

With the help of the scroll, the IDP’s raise their voice and ask the world to, more voraciously, put pressure on Russia and persuade them to withdraw their troops from the sovereign territory of Georgia, so that they are able to finally retrieve what is rightfully theirs – their beloved homes. However, until then, Georgia is forced to remain at war with Russia.

As the presentation came to an end, the clock started ticking for the traditional 5-10 minutes of questions and comments. The auditorium was silent – and in that silence only a single, poignant yet truthful comment slipped through -“All we want is to go back…”