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Do you support the idea of holding Public Representative Assembly?

Wednesday, September 29
I dont really see the point. It is yet another attempt by the opposition to unite, I guess. All the previous attempts have failed and I dont think that this case will be an exception. Holding a Public Assembly, I think, is just wasting money and energy in vain.
Medea, pensioner, 60

Are they trying to take us back to the 1990s when there were alternative governments and councils in Georgia, which led to total chaos in the country? If so, I dont support this idea. I am quite skeptical about the possible success of this Assembly.
Givi, engineer, 58

I hope that the opposition will manage to organize this properly. We should make the current government feel that they are not the only power in the country; otherwise we will end up with having a dictatorship in Georgia.
Alexandre, unemployed, 47

It has no significant importance whether ordinary citizens support the idea or not, in my opinion. First of all it should be supported by the opposition. As far as I know, the opposition does not share a common attitude towards the issue, which will be an obstacle for the ideas success, to my mind.
Nugzar, Musician, 43

The idea is acceptable for me, I think that the political movements should participate in the meeting, or just hold a meeting and be more specific about the Assembly; as I have seen political parties who need consultations on the issue.
Tamar, Sociologist, 34

I do not think it is a good idea, as every movement in the country should perform its own functions and responsibilities. People involved in cultural or social life of the country should not be engaged with political issues, to my mind.
Giorgi, Manager, 28

I think the Public Representative Assembly will bring a new light to the Georgian society. I mean we have all become absolutely tired of the political games and confrontations and need some changes. I will join the meeting and I hope we will manage to overcome all the obstacles.
Lamara, Architect, 53

I am quite familiar with the members of the Public Representative Assembly and I fully express my respect towards them! These are the people from our social dignity and Im sure they love their country so much that they will together manage to make some significant influence on the conscious of the Georgian citizens.
Gia, Pensioner, 74