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German cultural organizations in Georgia

Thursday, September 30
In celebration of the twentieth anniversary of German unification the Messenger informs its readers about Different German organizations active in Georgia.

1. Goethe Institute - a cultural institution of the German Federative Republic active around the world. It facilitates German language studies in foreign countries and carries out cultural cooperation works. It also disseminates information about cultural, social and political life of Germany. Thereby contributing in offering a realistic picture of life in Germany.

2. DAAD German academic exchange service, active in Georgia since 1998. In 2004 DAAD information service was opened in Tbilisi providing interested people with information about studies and researching facilities in Germany, as well as providing information on grants and stipends in the country. It also offers different types of training courses, carries out seminars and conferences, providing Georgian and German universities with partnership programmes in the academic sphere. Starting from 2007 DAAD lecturers have been working in Tbilisi, Kutaisi and Batumi universities.

3. Central Office of Studies at the Foreign Schools. 90 employees and 55 expert coordinators assist the activities of schools abroad. It offers financial assistance as well as providing the teachers at up to 800 schools in different countries and 136 German schools. Around 1900 teachers and assistants are assigned to work in these institutions. While assigned the office assists these people from the organizational, pedagogical and financial points of view. There are 5 public schools in Georgia where it is possible to receive a German language diploma (DSD) as well as passing the exam of second level (B2/C1). Three more public schools in Georgia want to join the programme. In these five schools there are 9 German teachers working, assigned by the office.

4. In 2008, the German Foreign Ministry initiated a project 'Schools: Partners of Future'. The initiative facilitates the creation of a partnership network between a minimum of 1000 schools and therefore promotes interest among the youth towards Germany and its community. The programme is coordinated by the German Foreign Ministry and its foreign representations and it is run by Central Office of Studies at the Foreign Schools, teachers exchange office and DAAD. There already exist 10 partner schools in Georgia, six in Tbilisi, one in Kutaisi, one in the village of Kakheti, Zugdidi region, one in Batumi and one in Telavi. These partner schools will be receiving not only material assistance, such as new school furniture, manuals and facilities of German language study room but also professional support.

5. German International School in Tbilisi this is the school of Georgian German cultural dialogue where the pupils from German language countries study together with Georgian pupils. The German international school in Tbilisi facilitates the arranging of a youth network of German and Georgian children. This should encourage and increase intensive political, economical and cultural ties between the German language world and Georgia. At this stage the school embraces kindergarten, preparatory group and the first and second grades of school. Further classes will be added stage by stage. After graduating from this school people will receive German and Georgian certificates. The German international school in the Tbilisi program complies with the modern German educational programs. The educational programs simultaneously consider the most important elements of Georgian school curriculums; Georgian pupils will be able to learn the Georgian language starting from the first class in parallel with German language. The German international school in Tbilisi is based on the initiative of parents and it is a private school financed by the parents of the pupils as well as from the monthly fees from the German school union, sponsors and other supporting organizations including donations.

6. Evangelic-Lutheran church in Georgia. In 1995-97 there was built at the site of former German cemetery, instead of the Lutheran church demolished in 1947, a church of reconciliation as well as a parish center and a house for its pastor. The Evangelic-Lutheran church in Georgia was established 200 years ago by German emigrants. Today it unites 7 parishes and around 750 people. Services are conducted in Georgian, German and Russian languages, there are special German language courses on Bible as well as Russian and Georgian services for children held in Tbilisi; there is a youth club, union for women and men and children chorus.

7. In January 1999 Evangelic-Lutheran Charity Organization was established. Currently it serves two free kitchens for 100 people, two medical ambulatories, and one shelter for the elderly. Furthermore, it assists on a daily basis: pensioners, patients or the unemployed by financing their medical operations, providing them with expensive medicine, paying their gas and electricity bills and so on. This is an initiative of the Evangelic-Lutheran church towards its parish in Georgia in their everyday life of material hardship.