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Thursday, September 30
Address for Council of Europe and Venice Commission

The leader of the Labour Party of Georgia, Shalva Natelashvili has sent a special address to the President of the Council of Europe Herman Van Rompui and the President of the Venice Commission Gianni Bukikio, 24 Hours reports.

The opposition party disapproves the amendments to the constitution, which allows former presidents to remain in the executive government. Natelashvili introduced the address to media at the briefing yesterday.

“We demand that all former presidents be prohibited from remaining in the executive government. Otherwise, our people will have no other prospect to change leaders via elections. We call upon criminal Saakashvili to recall the constitutional amendments,” Natelashvili said.

Labours say that Council of Europe and Venice Commission are the organisatons which will be able to satisfy opposition demands. Several opposition forces signed this address including: Democratic Movement-United Georgia, Movement Whites, Defence Georgia, Movement for United Georgia, Conservative party, National Forum, Women’s party and some others.

Parole commission to give recommendation to 14 convicts

The state parole commission discussed cases of 137 convicts at yesterday’s session and selected only 14, for whom the commission will give recommendation before the law court. One of the convicts, who will be released earlier than their sentence stipulated, is a woman; none of them are minors, 24 hours reports.

The commission will send recommendations to the law court and those which are approved by the court will be released from prison a few hours after the ruling.

The member of the commission, Eka Kherkheulidze said the priority has been given to those convicts, who had served most of their terms and were considered not dangerous for society. In addition, these convicts had positive recommendations from the prison administration.

The convicts, whose appeals were rejected by the commission, will be able to appeal to the commission again in 6 months' time.