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Do you expect any significant results from the NATO Secretary General’s visit to Georgia?

Thursday, September 30
“This will definitely be an important visit as is any such international engagement into Georgian affairs but I don’t expect any particular changes within the policy of our country and its values.”
Vera, Pensioner, 64

“The NATO Secretary General’s visit to Georgia will surely have an interesting echo in the international community. I mean this fact will once again become the subject for controversies among the Georgian and Russian oriented sides.”
Erekle, engineer, 28

“I think it will be a signal to Russia that Georgia is not alone. It is very important. As soon as Russia feels that the support of the international community towards Georgia has decreased, it will carry out another attack. So, Rasmussen’s visit is very important I think.”
Lela, accountant, 40

“I don’t think that there will be any significant and specific results, however nobody can deny that the visit of the NATO head is very important for us. To say that after Rasmussen’s visit Georgia has more chances to join the Alliance would be an exaggeration.”
Giga, lawyer, 28

“We can’t predict. Let’s wait and see what kind of statements he makes when he arrives. I don’t argue that his visit is important but I cannot say anything in terms of the specific results of that visit yet.”
Marika, journalist, 25

To say the truth, I do not anticipate significant changes, however the fact that the General Secretary of NATO arrives in Georgia, is very significant to my mind, as it is a sign that the organization is still interested in Georgia.
Gela, Architect, 43

Politics is really very complicated and very often it is difficult to make forecasts. I am optimistic about Georgia-NATO relations and I believe that, step by step, our relations would be deepened.
Davit, Architect, 23

I do not believe that in the short term perspective some fundamental changes in our relations are expected. As for long term, it depends on the states which are participating in this organization and on those countries' political courses
Tatia, scientist, 54