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Russian aggression continues

By Messenger Staff
Friday, October 1
To ‘signify’ the arrival to Georgia of the Secretary General of NATOAnders Fogh Rasmussen, Russian aggressors removed the administrative border boundaries deep inside Georgian territory in the Tskhinvali region. The posts were moved further into the depths of Georgian administrative territory by several hundred metres. There is even a curious situation concerning one farmer whose orchard is now divided into two parts so if he tries to cross the border in his orchard he might be detained. Georgia’s administration is not making any fuss about this, maybe it is well aware that, even if it says something, nothing will change. Maybe it is simply the adoption of ‘common sense’. Georgia has broadcasted around the world about its potential for tourism, attracting visitors, with investors thus guaranteeing stability in the country. This might not be easy to achieve with the Russians behaving arrogantly and shamelessly right in the centre of the country about 50 km away from the capital. This could eventually undermine the claims of the Georgian authorities. So, whatever the speculation and explanations may be, the reality is there for all to see. Of course, when speculating about the reset policy, important geo-strategic moves and prospects who cares about several dozen hectares of land in Georgia?

The rough estimation is that more than 25 hectares were recently occupied by Russian forces, including gardens, irrigation channels and even a couple of houses in Tskhinvali region, in so could South Ossetia. The Georgian Interior Ministry restricted announcing this information before the reaction of the international community. EU observers from EUMM were informed and they sent their mission there. Most probably they will express their concern about the situation. But, what then?

Moscow meanwhile conducts itself in the manner of a street hooligan who does some illegal actions in the streets, scaring the population and this hooligan will never stop if somebody does not tell him categorically to do so. But there appears to be no authority anywhere willing to correct the naughty boy. There is neither an elderly man who can tell the hooligan to stop misbehaving nor are there any of the hooligan's relatives who will stop him. Not even the police unfortunately.

One argument is always ready, you cannot start war with Russia purely because of tiny Georgia. However, maybe somebody still considers that losing and surrendering Georgia to Russia means surrounding the whole of the south Caucasus. It would be very significant for Europe and rest of the world to allow the Kremlin to control the vitally important east and west corridor.

The Georgian leadership tries to exercise the policy of an ostrich; maybe it is at a loss and does not know what to do. Maybe they are preoccupied with the idea of staying in power in Georgia in the light of forthcoming changes to the president and parliamentary elections in 2012. However the question remains open as to what if Russia, with its greediness, is not satisfied only with scrawling aggression. Is there at least a theoretical answer to this from the world community? However unrealistic this may be, politicians should consider all possible developments, even the most unrealistic ones and have an answer prepared in the event of complicated developments. We are not preaching, we are dreaming.