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How realistic would it be for Okruashvili to become the leader of opposition, in your opinion?

Friday, October 1
I can not imagine Okruashvili as the opposition leader. In general, I do not believe in those people who were in the authority and changed their minds after they were dismissed.
Natia, Singer, 34

I am a supporter of the opposition, because the present authority is doing such things which are categorically unacceptable for me. As for Okruashvili, I can imagine him as one of the members of the opposition and not the leader of some big opposition coalition.
Gia, Historian, 42

How can one be the leader of any party, when he is not let in the country? It is really funny, to my mind. There are some worthy people in the opposition and the leader should be chosen from them.
Nutsa, Doctor, 54

“I think Saakashvili has discredited his (Okruashvili's) personality well enough. I don’t think he has much credibility in Georgia now. Maybe he will need years before he becomes something like a leader of the opposition.”
Dato, student, 23

“Everyone is called a leader nowadays, so why not Okruashvili? He has his own political party, so he is a leader, no doubt about it.”
Nutsa, pensioner, 62

“He was quite influential in Georgia a couple of years ago. He must have good contacts here. And if he has some money in addition, he can of course become a leader of the opposition.”
Inga, economist, 34

I also wonder how he can lead any oppositional party in our country when he has been politically oppressed in Georgia.
Tina, teacher, 27

I think Okruashvili could be a wonderful oppositional leader. Despite the fact that he has been the Minister during Saakashvili’s regime, I am definitely confident in his kindest regards towards his people which he has already proved to us.
Giorgi, student, 19

Okruashvili has once tried to be “a real man” and show his respect to the country he admires. So I am sure that he will manage to unite the Georgian political and social spectrum in a one unique party aimed at changing Saakashvili’s awful political regime in our country. I am sure that he will be followed by millions of people in our country.
Elisabeth, pensioner, 69