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Monday, October 4
Patriarch on Emigrants and the Motherland

Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia Illia ll talked about the importance of the motherland and emigrants in the Sunday sermon.

He said a lot of people leave Georgia and go abroad. ‘The Motherland should be a part of each person. Everyone should remember that his/her roots are here,’ the Patriarch stated. According to him, people should not leave their motherland to earn a living, as such people lose more than earn and that the young should not be sent abroad for education, as there are still young and their spirituality is weak.

President views new highway in Eastern Georgia

A 55-km section of the Vaziani-Gombori-Telavi highway opened on Saturday in Eastern Georgia. The new road reduces the travel time from the capital Tbilisi to the town of Telavi in Kakheti by one hour.

Construction of the road started in 2009. Georgian President viewed the completed work yesterday and drove from Telavi to Tbilisi along the Gombori highway.

The new highway also has two new bridges, while four have been repaired. The Gombori highway project cost GEL 43 million and was implemented through co-funding by the World Bank and the Georgian state budget.
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Georgian President drives family on new highway

The Tushishvili Family hosted the Georgian president in the village of Vardisubani in Telavi district in Eastern Georgia on Saturday.

Mikheil Saakashvili took part in the grape harvest with the family and afterwards personally drove them through the newly opened Gombori highway to the wholesale grape trade fair in Tbilisi.

During the car journey, the President asked the family members about different issues in the region and stressed importance of promoting employment and education.

The president said a new 27-kilometre highway to the village of Sioni in Mtskheta-Mtianeti district will be constructed that will help to attract tourists and that introduce a new source of income for the local population.

The President drove his passengers from Telavi to Tbilisi in 50 minutes.
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New regulations for prisoners come into force in Georgia

Internal regulations for prisoners have been changed in prisons in Georgia. A new law on imprisonment came into force yesterday. New rules imply long-term appointments of visitor, personal computers for prisoners, new parole forms and tens of more advantages, which were restricted before.

According to the new code, regulations for the parole commission are going to be changed as well.

The new code on imprisonment has been engineered with participation of representatives of Ministry of Correction and Legal Assistance, Interior Ministry, Prosecutor`s Office, NGOs, Education and Healthcare ministries.

All points of the new code are to be launched until 2012. Full version of the code will be uploaded to the official webpage of the Ministry of Correction and Legal Assistance of Georgia on October4, 2010.
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Forecasters expect unstable weather in Georgia during next week

Weather forecasters expect unstable weather throughout Georgian during the next week. They report, it will keep raining in teh country until October 7, after what the weather will clear out again.

On Sunday (September 3), the temperature fell sharply by 5 degree Celsius. Weather forecasters expect heavy rainfall at night.
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13 poisoned members of family transferred to hospital

13-members family were supposedly poisoned by drinking water or food, although experts are going to ascertain exact cause later.

All members of the Akhmedov family have been transported to hospital in Sagarejo town of Kakheti Region. Two of them, a 2-year-old baby and his mother, have been transferred to the resuscitation department.

Due to the incident, doctors from Tbilisi Disaster Centre also arrived in Kahkheti. 8 of the poisoned family members are children and 5 are adults.

Doctors said their health condition is stable now and they are undergoing relevant treatment at the hospital.
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