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Where should state allocate more money from the state budget?

Monday, October 4
“Healthcare and social security should be the priority spheres in Georgia. We have a lot of socially vulnerable people in the country and much effort should be made to somehow help them. We also have thousands of IDPs in Georgia who need constant financial assistance.”
Keti, PR specialist, 26

“I think more money should go to the Defence system. Considering the threats that we are currently facing from our Northern neighbor, we really need to have efficient border police and defensive capacities. Of course we are a small nation and some people will say Russia will defeat us anyway if there is any military confrontation, but I believe we should be as prepared as possible.”
Gocha, Driver, 42

“I guess more attention should be paid to Georgian culture. Theatres and ballet studios are left almost without funding. Actors are working on enthusiasm. That won’t last forever. The government should try to preserve our unique culture – folklore and theatre mostly.”
Irina, Sociologist, 37

The education system has faced major changes but I think that there is still much to be done in this direction. I mean the books and other school tools are all so expensive that the standard manuals should be issued for all the Georgian schools for putting the pupils under the same conditions or finance the school things for each school-child.
Leila, Housewife, 42

I have traveled all over Europe and seen how the Europeans develop…They have really passed a long way till they had reached the political and economical growth in their countries. I think that we, Georgians should start developing agricultural sector. Georgia has such a fruitful land that I’m sure by encouraging this very sector we would soon become one of the leading countries in the region.
Irakli, Geologist, 68

Millions of dollars are being spent on different projects in our country. These are the projects which should have been preceded by the economical development and international promotion of our country. Trying to make huge steps in the world society we are trying to overcome all the obstacles we may face during the normal development process. So I think that our Government has to redefine the state’s priorities and allot money in a wiser way.
Ann, Sociologist, 25

Social issues and healthcare need more Governmental attention in our country. There are people suffering from various diseases or psychological problems – they need appropriate professional care but unfortunately no-one in our country cares for them.
Eka, Doctor, 43

Well, I hope that the authority will foresee the people’s poor economic condition and allocate funds for the state budget for communal fees. I think that situation in this direction is absolutely unacceptable; we have to pay too much for electricity, gas and even for water.
Nodar, Builder, 43

It has turned clear for everyone, especially this year that agriculture needs to be paid more attention. We have extremely good natural resources and means in the country, which are practically unused.
Giorgi, Economist, 32

Salaries and especially pensions should be increased. I am a former policeman, herewith I am the veteran of war and my pension consist only GEL 80. I think that it is unjust. Herewith, due to the health problems, I am unemployed and have four children.
Gela, employed, 51

I believe in the present authorities and in their priorities. I am sure that they know better what will be useful for the country and they have already proved this.
Natia, Manager, 27