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Italian Theatre in Tbilisi

By Salome Modebadze
Tuesday, October 5
Ambassador of Italy to Georgia, Vittorio Sandalli hosted the Georgian and Italian theatre troupes as part of International Festival of Theatre on October 2. Piccolo Teatro di Milano will perform “Harlequin Servant of Two Masters” for the first time in Georgia on October 4-5 at the Marjanishvili Theatre. “This wonderful event has been a dream come true. Introducing this “world performance” is important for Georgian society which has the most special approach towards the Italian culture,” the Ambassador addressed his guests. Stressing how close the two cultures are to each other, Sandalli called Georgia “a real Mediterranean country”.

“Harlequin Servant of Two Masters”, performed for the first time by director Giorgio Strehler in 1947, has been performed in 40 countries around the world with 2,600 performances and a total audience of more than two and half million people. The role of Harlequin will be played by the famous Italian actor Ferruccio Soleri who has performed the role with a playful agility for the past 45 years. Maestro Soleri expressed the pleasure of the troupe at being in Georgia, the country with great importance for the whole world and hoped that the master classes planned in Tbilisi would unite the two cultures.