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Are you prepared for winter?

Wednesday, October 6
“Well I hope that the government is. Hopefully we will not experience any power or gas supply cuts this winter. Gas and electricity expenses will double with the arrival of the winter season, but there is nothing we can do about it.”
Manoni, Housewife, 46

“The electricity tariff is very high compared to our salaries and this is what bothers me most of all. Last winter we somehow managed to cover the bills, but I am awaiting this winter with fear.”
Nana, Pensioner, 65

“Well, I think my family is. Actually all we need to do is to save money for paying gas bills. We usually pay about 100 Lari per month for gas during the winter, which is more than double what we spend in summer.”
Guka, Student, 21

“I’m ready for sure! I’ve been actually waiting for it since I arrived from Switzerland. I definitely love summer but there is no air in Tbilisi during that whole period – it’s hard to breath, that’s why I prefer cold weather to hot! Moreover I usually lose my weight during the winter period.”
Nini, Manager, 22

“How can I be prepared for winter? I live in Tbilisi and my winter heating depends on electricity, if there is permanent electricity in winter, it means that I am ready. I hope that there will be no obstacles in this direction.”
Gia, Economist, 43

“I am absolutely unprepared and I hope that this winter will not be too cold. I have no job at the present moment and I am dependant on some temporary situations. I have no idea how I will be able to pay my expenses.”
Nodar, Computer Programmer, 28

“Most Georgians are not ready for winter to my mind. At the present moment I am saving some money for to pay communal expenses in winter, as our monthly expenses in winter period are nearly GEL 300.”
Mariam, Translator, 32

“The seasons have become jumbled in Georgia during the whole of 2010. I mean the weather has become so much like London that I can’t even predict what it will be like in winter…I am somehow ready for all the obstacles I may face in the winter chill but still the time will show me how to better prepare.”
Ann, Student, 19

“Winter is my favorite season of a year! I like the cold, rainy days and I have got all the necessary shoes and clothes not to catch a cold. There’s nothing terrible than lying in bed in the happy New Year time and feeling hot…As for my family they are also ready to deal with any problems we may face in winter – we have enough products and money gathered for the hardest times. So I just wish everyone a calm winter with all the fulfilled dreams for the New 2011.”
Mariam, Pupil, 12

“No I'm definitely not prepared for winter neither psychologically, nor physically. I mean I’ve been working all the year and the time passes so unexpectedly that I hardly feel the seasonal changes.”
Giorgi, Economist, 25