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Thursday, October 7
Resource officers in Kutaisi schools

Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Georgia, Giorgi Chakhnashvili and Rector of the Police Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, Khatia Dekanoidze introduced Resource Officers at Kutaisi Public School ¹1, 24 Hours reports.

Resource Officers entered several public schools in parallel. They will cover every school in Kutaisi in stages. Resource Officers whose main responsibility is crime prevention and maintaining school safety held swearing-in ceremonies in Kutaisi public schools.

In order to maintain safety at schools, Resource Officers covered every public school in Tbilisi and Batumi at the beginning of the new academic year. Resource Officers’ service will begin in all public schools in Zugdidi, Gori and Rustavi by the end of the year. Each Resource Officers’ group comprises 3 members: one is a woman. They were trained in the Police Academy as part of the Safe School program and learned the skills of solving conflicts at schools. A Resource Officer’s responsibility is to prevent crime in schools and provide schoolchildren with any kind of assistance. They are not allowed to punish the schoolchildren; they should simply care for the children’s safety.

Resource Officers, equipped with the uniforms and modern communication devices will be distributed in the special rooms. The new initiative, being implemented in the scope of the Safe School program is designed to protect the schoolchildren.

Cuts for Ministry of Defence

Year upon year, the financing of the Defence ministry from the state budget is decreasing, 24 hours reports. According to the state budget 2011, the ministry will receive GEL 660,000. This year [2010] it received GEL 744,550, and last year the budget was GEL 868,567.

According to next year's budget, of the GEL 660,000, 641,132 GEL will go to the joint staff of armed forces, military hospital and Cadet military training will also be financed from this amount, etc.

Parliament has not yet started next year’s budget discussion; during discussions several changes can be made. The deadline for the budget approval is the last week of December.